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To all my friends who are building a business 

Leaders are passed up by new people in this business all the time and it is encouraged in our community.

Hustling and Grinding is great to get you started. Everyone who is successful in business goes through it. You should be commended and given a pat on the back, because we respect anyone who is successful in this industry, because we know you have struggled to get where you are.

With that said, “don’t cut your nose off to spite your face”

If you are an Industry leader and if you want to get to that next level(and we know you do or you wouldn’t have contacted us in the first place) and you want your team to get to that next level in business too(as you make more money from their efforts) then stop what you are doing and take a beginners mindset. That is what we have been told over and over.

Be careful about what you say to yourself and others when you think you are at the top of your game.

This was seen in a big corporation you may have heard of. IBM I learned of this story from one of my mentors Dan Kreutzer of the Samurai Business Group The story goes that,

IBM sales people are great when they first get started because they know nothing, so they are always asking questions of the people they sell too, about their business, and their needs. They are focusing on the other person and fixing their needs, so naturally they sell more.

Later, when they have become “successful,” IBM sales managers noticed that these “young guns,” began to level off in their sales results.

Why? Because they began to think “they know it all” and started talking about themselves and their products and not their customers needs. They began to get arrogant. They stopped having a beginners mindset. They stopped learning.

That is why IBM has such a great sales culture and training system today, because they learned from this experience in the early years of their business and corrected it.

They told their sales people, “STOP Being Arrogant,” and to, “Take A Beginners Mindset!” They said this to their top closers, people that closed multi-million dollar deals. Because, they knew that it would make their superstars even better. And the rest is History.

Whatever you do remember that when you talk about money and how much you’ve made, you are placing yourself in a certain income category.

You may be talking to a Hi-Networth individual who just wants more time freedom to be with his loved ones. That person may be very well off financially. If you are arrogant, you may discourage the person you are talking to, because to them, your income level is small. You may have lost that opportunity to network with the people he or she knows.

Be careful how you talk to people when you are on the way up, as they may pass you up when you are on your way down as business goes through cycles. Everyone does.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. The second you talk about how much you make, is the same second, that you take the chance that you have blown that trust forever. Trust is hard to establish and easy to lose. Why take that chance in your business? You never know who you are talking to and who they know.

Things in life change and you have to change with them, especially in business(think 2008) if you are going to survive in business for the long run.

If you are just here to “rape and pillage” the landscape, if this is your business model, if you are all about getting as much money as you can and leaving people in the dust, then this is your right, as it is your business. You can run it any way you see fit.

But, if you are here to learn how to be collaborative in your business relationships, and establish your business for the long-term, and learn how to get your people to succeed, taking your huge business to the stratosphere, then you will need to take a beginners mindset, and learn some new ideas, like humility, grace and leadership. We will always be here for you. People come for the money and stay because we are a global leadership factory.

Thinking that you know it all is the worst thing that you can do in a business. Don’t become complacent. “I already know that” is the beginning of your fall from the rung you are on, “on the ladder of success.” Always be ready to learn something new. Always be humble.

We will be here when you are ready to go to that next level in your business as it is not about any one individual, but the community as a whole that we learn and grow from.

It is not about us, it is about you and you using the system with its insane compensation plan to make your dreams a reality for whatever primary business you may be building.

Are you stuck? Then plan your business and dream bigger! 10X that dream. We will show you how when and if you are willing to learn.

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