The 8 Things I Do Every Day As A Business Owner

The 8 Things I Do Every Day


Actually, Every Day I do 8 simple things to grow myself as a communicator, but also as a person and a business owner. If you are a business owner I recommend that you do them too:


1) I read at least 30 minutes every day.  It is usually a book about business, marketing or sales

2) I use my blog daily to share what I learned that day

3) I market that blog across the world.  The key is to market more than the time you are writing each post.

4) I help two customers each day.  Stay on top of what their situations are.  Help them with those.

5) Every Week I make sure I am on an industry call to stay current.  You could also be in an audiocast or podcast or a Google Hangout or other kind of livestream or webinar.  Being in business can be lonely and it is easy to stay at the computer all day but remember you help people, so stay connected to people while you build your business.

6) Listen to inspiring audios daily.  Not only will you learn how to communicate better, you will also get inspiration for doing your best in business each day.  You never know what day you will meet that best customer of your life.  Every customer should be treated just like that.

7) I make sure that I am ALL IN in my business.  This means I like buying.  I like to have everything that I can afford to put me in the best position for the most profit.

8) Make sure you get to each event in your industry.  It is essential that you get to at least 4 -7 events each year in your industry.  This is were you will have breakthroughs and meet your colleauges that you will rely on in business.  This is also where you woill learn more aboiut getting more sales.

Remember you are in business to make a profit.  These 8 things will help you stay consistent whicjh is the key to growing as a business.

Thank You for reading I hope you got some value from this post.  If you’d like to learn more about blogging for your business look below.

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