The Best Content Training Available To The Market Today

The Best Content Marketing Training Available To The Market Today


Kalatu Premium Package


That is what you get when you buy and use the training products in Empower Network.

Kalatu Premium Blogging Platform

a. Scheduling calendar for blog posts

b. 7 minute blog hacks 4/month

c. 14 themes to choose from and one new one every month

d.  Question and Answer Sessions to make sure you get your questions answered


Why did I start with Empower?  Because I needed something to sell to my clients that would allow them to “scale-up” to our bigger services in my marketing agency.  

I also needed to understand online marketing better.  I was used to representing our agents and their skills in business development meetings.  2008 pretty much wiped me out.  I knew a lot about complex sales and marketing, so this was a natural fit.  I had also started and quit about 4 network marketing companies and I had probably been to 5 other home business opportunities or more in my career. “

This time it was going to be different,”  I made a promise to myself in 2013.  It was the best decision of my life.  Toughest one, but definitely the best.

The products in Empower focus on preexisting business owners in network marketing, as that is their core target market, but also in affiliate marketing, their secondary market, and finally for small business owners, do it yourself types.  

They help these three target markets, learn how to use content marketing and other sales and marketing strategies to be seen in the vast space that is the Internet, and to make more money in their businesses.

Focus On Training Yourself

These Trainings are Right For You If:

1) You are sick and tired of paying huge fees and over-runs costs for your website and blog. Good you have found the right place.  You can learn how to be a great content marketer for any business here.  

2) You are confused by how people make money online?


It is O.K. if you are like me, a little slow with technology.  There is a science you can learn. Every business will need to learn online skills or perish, I believe in the near future.  So here is what you do:


Get All the Empower Network Core products, it will cost about $6,000 and a monthly maintenance fee of about $200 – $300( depending what capture pages you decide to use and what auto-responders)  when you are all said and done, maybe less if you get in before the timer run out on your product discounts Empower Network offers when you join as a customer.

The products consist of videos and audios you can watch at your leisure, that show you how to set up your content marketing strategy to make more sales from your efforts and production online, followed up with Weekly calls and Webinars you attend to help you learn more.  These are help on Monday for he general public and Tuesdays and Thursdays for affiliates.

The nice thing about Kalatu Premium is the training you get, that is designed to help you get customers with your blog within 90 days or sooner.  It may take that long or it may take longer depending upon how much time you have to devote to your new skill and education.  You do not go from zero to sixty in sixty seconds in content marketing.

First, Google would not like that and they would slap you.  That means make it look like your content does not exist.  You can learn this new skill set.  Your business results will benefit once you unlock the combination that is content marketing.

We empower You and your business.  Your last job ever is to have a life while you build a business.


Your results will vary. To see average earnings go to


If You want to get started right away Click Here  Watch the Video and learn more.


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