The Inner Circle Call With Peter Sorenson

The Inner Circle Call With Peter Sorenson

This was a great call on the Empower Hour if you missed it, it is now in the Inner Circle Audios that you can get here at Empower Network.  I have had the priviledge of interacting with Peter in different places and events,  learning from him.  

First, he is always dressed in a fine Versace Shirt.  I have never seen him not dress casually for success…always Versace I believe.

2. He got alot of his personal development training form T Harve Ecker and Tony Robbins.  You should see how he speaks on stage..  I saw him in Denver and in Las Vegas as he is part of Team Take Massive Action and I attended their conference.  We are all one big team here at Empower Network.

3.  He is great at helping you find ways to find money to get all the products you need to gain the knowledge you need to succeed.

4. I’ve also seen him in Miami in the crowd outside the Miami or Orlando Empower Network event and there I learned that he had blown away the $100,000 earning mark.

5. He and Chris Record hang out as Chris is his mentor.  Listening to them talk in Anaheim California casually, about how they got their start in Empower Network was valuable information.

Peter is one of the leaders here at Empower Network….He uis going to go far in this Industry.  He has the right stuff that leaders are made of.

If you’d like to learn more from our great people, leaders and teams here at Empower Network click on the Yellow Button and put in your best email so I can contact you.  Then, listen to Dave tell you more about this business.

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Reblogged From Peter Sorenson drops some wisdom bombs –

Happy Monday!

If you haven’t already checked them out, Peter Sorensen Top 200 member in Empower Network has released both the Audio of the Week, and Inner Circle Audio (The audio is called “How To Sell & Upsell High Ticket Products & Programs Through Personal One on On Strategy Sessions!”).

It’s part one of a two part training that can be found with the Inner Circle.

And let us just say, they are POWERFUL.

Take a moment to listen to the incredible Audio of the Week, and Peter’s story. You’ll find yourself compelled to hearing about his trails and triumphs, and the experience that has led to him defining a formula on how to live your dream life, and master your beliefs.

Sometimes in business, it just takes a little courage.

Courage to be more of what you want to be, and the willingness to step into a place of power and take ownership of your future.

This is something Peter is truly an inspiring individual on teaching how to do, and we’re lucky to have such a wonderful member within our community!

Hope you get a chance to check out the Audio of the Week and Inner Circle audio!

Part two will be released tomorrow!


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