The Magic Is In Your List

Today as I was listening to the Inner Circle Audios I heard one of the many secrets of the Internet.

David Wood was Interviewing Ted Simms, a 51-year-old home based business expert.  He had always been at the six-figure earner level in Big Ticket or Top Tier products and services on the Internet.  He described himself as an Internet Marketer. “who had been around.”

In  this audio he describes a very valuable concept.  The Money is in the list


He also described that you want to get solo ad and e-zine article deals that include guaranteed clicks and/or opt-in rates.  He said many people go to the standard solo-ad providers and do not ask for this guarantee.

He does, and he helps people discover the leveraged power of building your email list.

He is not the only leader who pays close attention to their relationship with their list.  David Wood and Chad Okstadt also say it is important as well as Tony Rush, and Aaron Rashkin, and Lisa Torres.  

These leaders know the value of having a great list.  One that is clean and responds at least above 5% open rates. In direct sales you can expect a 1-2% closing ratio.


So remember build your list big and keep it clean.  Some people stay on lists for two years before they do anything.  Do a drip marketing campaign to your list.  Help them develop a relationship with you.  People buy from people they know, like and trust.

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-Tom Lincoln

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