This Is How You Fund Raise

First I’d like to Thank Youtube and Botjunkie for sharing this amazing video and for Kim Klaver for sharing this video with us in Orlando 2014

By learning to become a great communicator, Mr. Rogers raised $20,000,000 in 6 minutes.

By you using these products and learning how being a better communicator you learn how to really understand what is importnat to people.  You can really help them.  If you can help a donor with something that is important to them, get out of the way at how quickly they will donate to your cause.  Not becuase of the details of it, but becuase it is importnat to them emotionally.

I’ve seen old men cry and also get very angry when they reach that level of emotion.  Notice that the Congressman responded in an emotional way.

You will too as you grow here into the person you have always wanted to be.

By learning to become a better communicator

By under-promising and over-delivering in Value

By using the products you buy and sell

You too can get the change in results you want on your business, whatever it is. and more importantly for your life 🙂

You come for the money and you learn very quickly that you will always get much more value than the money you pay or get…just like Mr. Rogers did for this World.

The power of communication can change the World!

What do you want to change?

This is your platform.

You are Empower Network!

I believe you can do anything you want.  I believe in You.

Nobody is better at being You.  No one!

You Can do this!

You can change into the kind of person you have always wanted to be

Love you all over the World!

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