This Is Not OCD

While I understand that his wife has OCD, this song is not OCD.

The only people that understand OCD are people that have OCD.

This video is an example of what is wrong with the media depiction of real OCD.

In all fairness to the authors, they did say that they were using this video to bring attention to real OCD. 

It is a well done video, but I wonder if it just reinforces the public’s perception of OCD.

If you have OCD and it can actually help you build a usiness onlne.  Has OCD gotten in the way of your career and you living a lifestyle of your dreams?  hen click the yellow button and listen to Dave tell you how you can have a life you want, a life that is far better than most people will ever be able to have becuase they do not have OCD. Curious what the Hell I’m talking about?  I have real OCD and it is finally what I was meant to do OCD and all.

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