Today I fell Off My Horse For The Second Time Ever

I’d like to thank Think like a Horse and YouTube for this video.  This isnl;t the way it happened to me but it is an interesting video.


Today I fell off my horse Odin because I did not put the saddle on properly.  My girth on the right side broke loose.

I fell off the left as Odin started bucking just before cantering. I hit hard on my shoulder and bruised my left ribs nicely.  I will be sore for days.

The saddle went flying to the right and of course Odin was all upset sop he ran out of the arena.  I got up and went to get him, got back on him and got him to listen to me.

Then it was time to end or ride.

It is all part of riding.  

Next week we will get back on after I heal a bit and start back in our training. 🙂

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