Top Secrets To Become Rich

Top Secrets to Become Rich

First I would say model, not copy what leaders in your Industry are doing.

Next, you should test it out for results and see what happens.  If you like the results, then scale it up.  If you do not like the results, then tweak something about what they did, make it your own, test your own ideas, then get the results you want and scale it up.

Always start with a test that will not cost you a lot of money.  Once you know it works like science, as this is all really scientific once you get to that level, then really scale it up becuase then it is like printing money.

Listen to my Mentor Mike Hobbs one of the leaders of our team The Prosperity Team.  My team, Da Vinci Marketers is part of The larger Prosperity Team that Mike and 3 other leaders formed. 

First I’d like to thank my mentor Mike Hobbs and YouTube for this video.

I have watched Mike do webinars for our team and I met Mike in Miami at out iPas2 event. He was nice enough to take a picture with me.

So far he has given me great mentoring and the two things that stick in my memory the most are:

1) Set your first income outcome at $10,000/month.  That gets you out of the “grinder” phase and really allows you to expand quickly

2) Get to your company’s events and take pictures with as many leaders on your team, and other teams, as we are all one big team here at Empower Network, as possible.

Thank You Mike for that wisdom.  

So if you want to be a leader in this industry get to events and take pictures with leaders, don’t be shy, but do understand their time is valuable! Afterall these people are Millionaires many times over or soon will be the way this company is exploding onto the scene.  Actually we are just getting started

This is the Plan: Top Secrets To Become Rich

If you liked what you learned for free here, just imagine what you could learn with our complete suite of sales and marketing education products.

You will have up to 7 days to get them at a deep discount of $2997 for 3 days and $3997 for 4 days after that.  Then, after  a total of 7 days the price goes back up to $4625, our normal price for “ALL IN”

Keep in-mind this price does not include monthly recurring charges for essential products for beginners and advanced leaders alike.

If you are advanced you already know the value of listening to audios every day.  Our Inner Circle audios allow you to listen to our 5,6 and 7 figure earners as they tell you daily, the secrets of how they made sales and built large organizations, or how they became millionaires, like the 11 people that have done so in the 2.5 years this company has been in existence. That product is easily worth $10,000 to me and it is narrated by Chris Rochleau( see picture below)  and you get the rights to listen to it, and download them for $100/month.

I was very happy to Meet Chris Rochleau in Miami.  What a genuinely nice guy! He friend requested me just the other day.  We are all one big happy family in this community of 300,000 Internet and network marketers 🙂

Vital to long-term financial success is our viral blogging platform. This is the first-level product that levels the playing foeld on the Internet.  By blogging daily on this authority site, Google, Yahoo, and Bing and other search engines see your content in written form, audio, or videos as having mre value than someone else that doesn’t have 40,000 backlinks attached to their domain.  

Plus, what you learn in the Fast Start training that comes with this viral blogging system, you learn how to get your content pages ranked on page one of YouTube and Google. Oh, and it is only $25/month.  And your merchant account/ affilaite fee is pnly $19.95/month.  The nice thing about it is you do not have to qualify for  it.

If you like what you saw above and you want to take this seriously, for I am not looking for tire-kickers, only serious people that want to change their financial future for the better and help others do so as well.  I am looking for leaders.  If this is you learn more here:


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