Troubleshoot Your Network Marketing Business

There are three main problems I ran into with the three different Network Marketing businesses I was in.  Actually there were many more than three but for sake of time I will start with three.


1) I hate being on the phone with my top 200 list of family and friends.  I hate being the phone talking to people that do not want what I have to sell and talking on the phone to prospects while it works,technology(Google Voice specifically) has made it possible for me to never have to answer the phone unless it’s a customer that has already purchased from me ever again.

2) Asking your friends to hold a party for you or holding one yourself and letting strangers into your house.  I was being trained in how to hold or run a home party when the lady of the home got nervous that this was one of those pyramids schemes and told me that my sponsor and I had five seconds to get out of her house or she was going to call the cops.  Needless to say I did not continue in that MLM

3) Getting on the phone with suspects or prospects and gong for 100 no’s to get one yes or even 20 no’s, to get one yes, is painful.  While it works, it is painful and there are better ways.


Why not write about the pain points of your target audience.  For example we help network marketers that struggle getting customers by showing them how to attract people that are already looking for what you sell and are ready to buy it, so they just do.

It is much easier to close 8 of 15 or 8 of 10 that way because:

A.) They are already looking for what you sell online or offline

B) They are ready to buy from you and just do.


Your results will vary. To see average earnings go to


It is a great feeling.  If you are interested in avoiding the pain of selling network marketing products and producing, producing, producing sales so you team does the same click here and well get you started


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