Truth About Buying Twitter Followers

Truth About Buying Twitter Followers

First I’d like to thank IamTheSEOGuy and YouTube for this great video

on buying Twitter Followers.  I reviewed another guy’s article who had great social sharing done on his article but then this gentleman shared his website and edified his clients for their services(Smart Business Move) 

What he talked about was his experience since the beginning of Twitter and the success he has had selling things on Twitter. He was speaking to me as I have maxed out my Twitter account by following 2,000 people and I only have 780 people following me.  He shared with me and you hopefully, how you can get more Twitter Followers for about $15/session to get 10,000 followers.

You see Twitter does not like you following and un-following, but they let you follow more people the more people follow you. Plus, you need to get “Street Cred” on the Internet in social media circles.  Your content may be great but if people stop by and only see you have 15 views they are not going to be interested.

It seems that this guy is saying to buy “cred” that way you will not be judged unfairly by the marketplace before they have had a chance to see if your content is any good.

I can see his point.  But rather than take his word for it or mine, test what he is saying and see if it gives you good results.  If it does scale it up if you like.

Marketing is all about testing to see what works.

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