Unconscious And Conscious Decision Making

Unconscious And Conscious Decision Making

When you join Empower Network you will more than likely buy everything because you have the best chance of success when you do.  But now Chris and Susan Beesle have put together a guide for you in your conscious and unconscious decision making, that you will use when you are an entrepreneur, which you are, and these processes are taking place as soon as you join my Empower Network(EN) Team as I am an independent affiliate building my own team inside Empower Netywork.

Inside tip:  The workbook that you get when you join the Inner Circle memership will help you program you subconscious and conscious mind to what you neeed to do next to be successful

 It will help you get very clear on your outcomes and how and what it looks like when you get there and along the way to getting there..

Income disclosure: Your Results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here.  

But let’s say you need to choose which products to get.  In this case at least do what i did for the first two months in EN.  I got the basic blog so I could share my content with the world, and I got the Inner Circle audios so I could listen in my spare time, while doing other things, what the successful leaders in Empower Network are doing.

To me this is the most valuable product hands down( even thoiugh the others are way more value than what they coast and they take you all the way up to building a worldwide organization( in The Costa Rica Masters Retreat) because it allows you to answer questions of your team members, by referring them to the Inner Circle Audios, and it is a way to stay in touch with thousand’s of people on your team, nbut not needing to communicate with them, because really no one can.

I love the Inner Circle Audios, and I listen to them every day, over and over again, sometimes for weeks, while driving, listen ing to the same speakers and picking up little things I missed before.   I turned my car into a drive-time University and it is really changing the way I do business, and how I coach my work around partner’s new members.

If you can only afford one product beside the basic blog and affiliate fee get the Inner Circle Audios.  Promise me and yourself and an accountability partner you meet at the next event that you will listen to them every day.  You will be surprised how your comunication patterns change as you gather the skills of a leader you are becoming with each listening session.

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New Inner Circle Audio!

Hey there,

We have an update for those of you who own the Inner Circle product!

Chris and Susan Beesley have just sent
in a brilliant audio that really breaks down
the idea of “successful entrepreneurship.”

In the audio, they really take you into the
mind of the integral parts of business processes
that either make, or break an entrepreneur.

Check it out below in the INNER CIRCLE:


There have been some killer uploads recently!


Appreciate you,

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