Using Archetypes In Business

Mack Is The Master In Archetype Marketing

Mack is my sponsor.  It was his archetypes that drew me to his offer or attracted me to his offers.  He used one to excite my emotions and then he used the other Archetyoe to teach.  So the lesson this master taught me is to stimulate your target market or avatar first, then educate.  This one lesson has helped him earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per product launch.. He is the master of product launches.

To learn more about Archetypes see this wonderful article in Wikepedia on them.

Choose The Right Archetype For Your Onlione Presence and You can become very wealthy.
  1. Archetype Choice

    By understanding what the different Archetypes are and by choosing the one that fits you the best, you are able to brand yourself as You or as anyone you want to be seen as online.

    This is one way that you can portray an image of the person that will respond to, know, like and trust the kind of person they relate to best.

    Authors have been using archetypes for years tro tell the stories of the characters in their novels, in movies that make millions and recently archetypes have been used to tell online stories.

    Archetypes work so well at segmenting out different target markets because the archetypes speak to the emotional makeup of the person witnessing the archetype. This is either that they relate to the person they are most like or the person they would most like to be like.

    Choose what archetype you will use online. My suggestion is you choose one that is most like you and stick with it. Mine is the Instructor as that has always been what I wanted to do.

    Before it never made sence to me, as instructors, even college professors do not make enough money to live their dreams. Now I get to make as much money as I want instructing people about this industry of online and network marketing combined. Plus, I get to throw in what I learned from owning a marketing agency and what i learned in the sponsorship marketing and fundraising world.

    I even get to write about and share videos and audios about my passions in life and make money doing it for the rest of my life! How cool is that?!

  2. Being Yourself

    Choose the Archetype that describes you. Choose the Avatar or description of your target market. The people that are most like you. Why? Because and DR. Seus says, no one is a good at being You’er than You. No one can speak to and craft marketing and advertising messages to someone like you like you can speak to you.

    You know everything about your life and it’s categories, want’s desires. hobbies, relationships, ideologies( careful there this is business but it is very emotional and a great way of getting rid of who you do not want to work with)

    You see this business is all about the very essence of marketing to people that are just like you. Now, with that said, you also have a great responsibility to keep people safe while you discover through your sales and marketing, their pain, fears and unfulfilled gains.

    Remember most people and I would say 98% of the people you run into are not OK with their life. The other 2% are Ok with it and wanyt more, or they are only OK with a part of it and want more time freedom.

    The great news is You get to be the true solution to their problems that stem from them not being the best version of themselves. You get to guide them toward products that help them with:

    1) making money online


    2) Earning a living online that most only dream about.

    Most will fail. You can not help them as they wwere too far gone when you found them or rather when the marketing that helped them find you online did.

    This is no different than the marketers and advertisers use sales and marketing psychology and human psychology to develop methods, stratregies and tactics that sell things or services. That is the industry mosty business owners needd to get very gfood at if they are ver going to make a profit. Afterall that is why you are in business. If that offends you then you should get ourt of business and go get a job or stay in your current job until you understand what industry you are entering. We persuade people to buy, we help people buy from us.

    Again, you must believe, and make every effort to never do any harm and always leave the person you deal with better off than when they found you. Even if it is the smallest thing. It was more than when they met you or your marketing and advertising. We all start out where we start out in this business.

    You may just be that one person that cares enough that their life will now go ontypo the right path of learning and personal development they need to succeed. But, maybe not with you. That is OK. Only a small percent of the people that see your marketing will be the right people to be customers in your “sweet spot

    Sweet Spot Customers are the ones who do not complain. They know that you have to spend money to make money. They are willing to invest in their education, they are willing to work as long as it takes and as hard as it takes for as long as it takes to be successful. They are the ones that you would like to go to events with, have over to meet your spouse of significant other( S0) or to go on a vacation.

    Being yourself with your marketing will bring you that type of person.
    Be yourself. Tell about your story only when you have made it successfully enough that your struggles will inspire others. Use what you understand about your own pain, fears and unfulfilled gaions in life to craft messages that let people understand that they can fullfill their hopes, dreams and desires. Believe that you can, because you know you can. That is when the magic starts to happen in your business.

    Of course if you have read this far, you are serious and you know their are no guarantees in any business. Always let people know that upfront. Market smart but be honest always. Keep people safe along their journey. That does not mean you are not goung to lety them struggle and they may fail. Most do. But, the ones that get stronger becuase of their struggle will be leaders in the industry.

    Know that the others are going to receive way more value than what they paid for. That should always be your aim in busienss. Be your self.

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If You like being successful in business
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