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Vegas Baby  August


Team Take Massive Action is going to be in Las Vegas August 23rd-25th

Click the link below to see what is in store when you take massive action and join us!

Vegas Baby

  • How to get Raving Fans to your Facebook Page
  • How to Convert more Sales From Your Email List
  • Get Your Blog Ranked on The First Page of Google
  • Top Internet Training and Resources
  • Top ten tips to capture more leads from your blog posts

Vegas Baby

Chris Record, Lawrence Tam, Chuck Marshall, and Arthur Tubman 6 figures earners in Empower Network will be doing the trainings!  Bring a guest!

(Your Results Will Vary go to  to see average earnings.)

Vegas Baby!  August 23rd-25th

See You In The Pools in Vegas!

Vegas Baby

On Friday Night we will put a major focus on Creating Traffic, Capturing Leads, & Converting Sales. This is the foundation of a successful online marketing campaign. We will discuss custom sales funnels, advertising tracking, and more. Including some bonus online advertising sources to kickstart your business, in any niche, to get a ton of traffic :)

Vegas Baby

During the morning session on Saturday we will break down the truth about how to have massive success using social media to promote your business.  We will have an entire segment dedicated to a strategy that can help you get thousands of highly engaged Facebook fans that you can promote your products and services to, as well as tips to create viral posts and track all activity that comes from social media to be effective.  This is going to be a powerful start to the day!

Tom Lincoln

We will wrap up Saturday afternoon by diving into viral video marketing strategies, as well as some insider tips to significantly increase your results with YouTube videos.  Such as turning on custom thumbnails on your videos, getting them to rank higher in search results, and using outsourcers to do the heavy lifting to make video creation a simple process!

Affiliate Marketing will also be covered on Saturday afternoon, as we dive into strategies to create additional streams of income doing what you are currently doing.  Regardless of your current industry or niche, when you learn how to create additional income through online affiliate marketing, this can significantly enhance the results in your primary business.  And we will talk about how to convert the leads that you generate into RAVING fans of your business, and customers of your products.

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2.  Bring your guests to this event for $20/guest and start building your business.  Events are where the magic happens!


And whatever you do, make sure that you are in attendance for the end of the event, as we showcase some powerful online resources that very few people on the internet have ever seen, that can help you take your business to the next level.  This one section alone will have people in the audience feeling that it was the best part of the entire weekend event!


Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies & Small Group Bonus Training.

We have reserved a private location on Sunday, and will be getting together with a small group of select people to go into some advanced strategies, and in-depth affiliate marketing.  During this session we will pull back the curtain completely and show reports on analytics from our campaigns, as well as more details on our affiliate streams of income, and which ones are generating the most ROI.

We will go in-depth on customer LTV (lifetime value), and how to increase the LTV of your customers so that you can position yourself to invest more in your marketing.  And we will also have a section to go in-depth on advanced Facebook Fan Page marketing, where we show what the BIG marketers are really doing behind the scenes on Facebook to specifically target their core audience with slick ads that show up in newsfeeds and look like traditional posts.  These are HIGHLY effective strategies.

Because we have a much smaller private location for the Sunday event, we will have very limited attendance for this event.  If you are able to attend on Sunday, let someone at the registration desk at the event when you arrive that you are available for the Sunday event, and we will do our best to get you more information at that time.  ( Look at how I left my link open rookie mistake)

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