Vine Video Loops and imgur GIFs For The Creative Digital Artist

Want to get your Creative Groove On? Try these two Websites


Vine is an up in coming social media platform I believe it is a product spin-off of

It is fun and the audience engages. Use your creative side and have fun with it!


    This website is mostly a mobile app but you can access it with:

    1) Android
    2) iPhone
    3) iOS



    Click Here to Learn More About


    Next UP in our Creativity Duo!

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  2. imgur

    With imgur The GIF is King or Queen how ever you choose to describe your gender, no one will judge you on imgur. Some of the weirdest images can be seen on imgur, and for some odd reason people love them. You find people over winking in a GIF Animation and it going viral

    The cool thing about imgur is it is very interactive as people vote for their favorite GIFs which keep you more engaged with the people you want to reach. Check it out and bring your most creative mind for this site as well.

    Click Here to Learn More About imgur

    If You Are Really Very Creative

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If you like being creative, really creative online then you should definitely check out and for your business. If you’d like to have an address you can be creative on all on your own check out your very own Kalatu Blog here

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