Weird Chemical Reactions

Weird Chemical Reactions

First I’d like to Thank Youtube and Viralcat007 for this awesome video

This chemical reaction video speaks for itself and is certainly one of the weirdest chemical reactions I have seen as well, and I have taken many hours of chemistry classes in college.  I only need Physical Chemistry for my major in Chemistry.  I got a minor.  I specialized in Organic Chemistry, so I have seen a lot of weird chemical reactions in my life and this one certainly takes the prize.

It reminded me of aliens coming out of the Earth the way it looks like it is crawling out of the sand like that.

 I started to imagine that this is one of the ways that the silica based life forms, talked about in outer space fiction, and movies are formed, in this kind of spontaneous reaction started with the heat of the planets core LOL.

I found it fascinating that this reaction was started by the heat of a blow torch and then I started to wonder if this is a toxic substance since it is mercury based?

Very cool non-the-less.

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