Welcome to Miami January 24th-26th Empower Network


First I would like to thank YouTube and Will Smith Vevo for this awesome video that really shows the culture and fun of Miami!

See you all at the National Event For Empower Network.  We will be there for workshops January 24th-26th.  6,7,and 8 figure earners will be teaching you how they have become so successful.  I will pay for the first eight paid basic members on my team that are affiliates.  Each ticket is valued at $197.  Events are that important folks. First come first served contact me on facebook and tell me you are going to Miami 

If you can get there I will get you in for free.  You pay your lodging, round trip travel and food as it is your business.  Use it as a business expense.  I am not giving financial advice here.  Consult you advisor for details.  They are the experts.

If you are not on my team yet get in here

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