What Do You Open? That Is Your Secret

What do you open when you get a long list of emails to look at?

ay close attention to what get’s you to open an email.  The emotional triggers that get you to open an email will get someone like you that has your same psychographic, to open you emails if you model off of the titles that get you to open your emails.

Second question:

What makes you click on a link in an email.  What does the body copy look like just before you click on the link and put in your credit or debit card?

Pay attention to your buying behavior and you will figure out how to communicate with your target market and get them to open emails, and click on links and eventually buy from you..

I hope this helps you.  Start collecting a file of al the best headlines from top marketers and model off what they do.  Study the copy of top marketers.  Is it long or short?  What does the link look like?

Are there pictures in the emails you like or not?  Are their videos?

Write emails you would open.  Write emails like the emails the leaders send you.  Success leaves clues guys!

See you tomorrow and every Monday night!   Remember Empower Hour Call Ph: 209-255-1040 9 p.m. EST 6.7. and 8-figure earners speak at these calls.  I do no know about you, but if they want to talk I am going to listen and takes copious notes! 🙂

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