What Does Success Look Like To You?

Ask yourself this question.  Ask whatever faith or spiritual force you believe in: 

What do you want from me?

What do you love in life?
What do you hate in life?

What do you want?

If you focus on what you do not want 
you will get it, so always think in positive terms.

If that confuses you, contact me I will talk to you one-on-one because that is critical to your success.

Think about it…  

Do you know what? 
Some people have trouble with this question 
when they first start out down this path 
into a brand new and wonderful world of leveraged 
Internet power, and huge compensation


You will make a ton of money, when you get 
crystal clear answers to the questions above 
and when you sell, sell, sell, and then sell some more.

Of course there are no guarantees in Business see our income disclosure here http://badasscontent.com/totaltransparency

That is what we do.  We sell sales and marketing training to Network Marketers and Affiliate marketers from any company.  All are welcome.
We do more than sell though.  We transform people into the best version of themsleves. That I will guarantee. Or, they quit.  

Even when they quit if they have had any exposure to what we do, they will have gained in value and perspective.  We under-promise and over-deliver as a rule. Really our only rule….( we work hard and play harder and we break stuff all the time LOL 🙂

We can teach you to create content that many people will see
We can teach you to capture leads 
We can teach you to convert these leads to sales

But you need to answer the questions above 
and be crystal clear and very detailed as to the answers
you come up with.

Because they are your answers. No one else can find them for you but you
This is your adventure.

These answers will make up your most powerful SECRET


Why are you in business?  
Most people will quit
This is hard, simple and easy all at the same time 🙂
2% of the businesses in the World succeed. 
( In this community it is more like 8% from the Costa Rica Masters Retreat)

You Have to Get ALL IN… in your business,
 and I am not talking about the products now
( although you should just get all the products as you make more money that way, quickly, when you reach logarithmic growth and “critical mass”) 

I am talking about being 1000% committed to succeeding 
and doing whatever it takes, ethically and legally of course, to Win.

You must have Character, and Integrity, and people must be able to trust you.  It is their life you are dealing with. 

Run your business this way, and you will build a culture of 10’s of thousands of people that will duplicate your success an will stick around for more than a year. Years in fact. people will make this their new career as I have( although I have been in sales,marketing and education since 1986)

That is my outcome or I will die knowing that I helped each person get a little better and in some cases a lot better in their life, one person at a time

What does success mean to you?

What will that look like? 
What will that sound like? 
What will that feel like?
When will it happen?
How will you get there?

Figure out your why first. Then contact me. 

 I am 51
and I have had many mentors both formally 
and informally, more like successful colleagues.  
I have worked with my agents, and campaigns and infrastructure responsible for multi-million dollar corporate, and motorsport campaigns

One particular gentleman used to say to me, and it frustrated me at the time, “Baby Steps” then he’d just smile.

Now, that is not calling you a Baby.  “Baby Steps” just means you do not go from zero to 60 in 60 seconds in this business( Inner Circle Audios-David Sharpe) You will get there step by step, “Baby Steps”

Google doesn’t like it if you go too fast 🙂 

We are Samurai Syndicators, and we live and die by The Bushido Code.
We always leave the person we sell to, better off than when we started, whether they buy from us or not.

Namaste(Thank You)

-Tom Lincoln
P.S. Find me on facebook if you’d like to connect: https://www.facebook.com/tom.lincoln.linc1618

Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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