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 What is Branding?  There are two types we will talk about today.

The video below talks about branding from an agency perspective.
While it is very well done, there is another kind of branding you can establish for your company or business, through giving value in the marketplace.
People begin to follow you because of the value you provide them in solving their problems, over multiple exposures.
This second kind of branding is much more subtle and long term.  The first is very psychological and is intended to convince you to try their product, because you are not OK in one way or another.
Example of a more subtle branding:
Empower Network founder David Wood and company,  have 300,000 people following their work.  That is a pretty good result for building an online business in three, short years. David Wood accomplished these result and more, with this second kind of branding.  He is changing people’s lives that have never been changed before by empowering them to be the best version of themselves.
Here is traditional branding
    • What is branding?


      Below is a description of branding of a different sort.  While all the above play into this other kind of branding as well, again, it is done in a much more subtle way.

      This kind of branding stems from providing so much value to their target audience they would be silly if they did not follow what was being communicated.

      What is Branding?

      Blogging About Solving Your Audience’s Problems If You Are Doing It Right


      Through blogging you communicate:

      1) The problems your audience has

      2) provide value in the form of blog posts that help solve
      their problems

      3) Blogging is not about You.  It is about them, just like in sales.


      David Wood along with David Sharpe, and all the staff at Empower Network(who Rock By The way..they seriously Rock!) has been able to help business people with their problems.  That is why they have built up an organization of over 300,000 customers, and help 15 people become millionaires in just 3 short years.  If you are not a millionaire yet, you haven’t helped enough people, or you spent all your money on fancy things because you never had them.


      Both situations above are normal.  You are human. Relax, take daily consistent action, providing more value than you charge for and you will get there. Keep you mind on the prize. Massive action is what is required to break free from the matrix.  How many computers dod Bill Gates sell? Understand?  You got this. You can be successful in business.


      David Wood put it this way in an Inner Circle Audio. He said that once he realized he could get paid to help people solve their problems with:

      1) Network Marketing the hard way(the way that doesn’t work)

      2) Affiliate Marketing The hard way(again the way that doesn’t work)


      By providing solutions to all the problems these people have, he discovered that he could brand himself as someone to follow as he would help them solve their problems.  He can help solve your problems too if you are struggling to get the results you want in your business.


      Do this enough, he said in The Top Producer Formula, and eventually they will buy something from you. Once they buy from you, they are more likely, and a percentage of them will, buy more from you.



      When you finally figure this out, you have learned how to do marketing and sales the right way. You can learn how with us, but before you do take a look at our:

      Income Disclosure Because We Love Compliance Here!


      That is what got me very excited!




      Branding is important, and the advertising and marketing agency industry I came from, is awesome!   You will learn so much in this industry about how people buy products and services. This is a great video(the first one above)that captures the essence and spirit of this Industry.

      If you understand this video( if you really “get it”) then you know the powerful knowledge you possess that most will never know about.  With that said, are you are sick and tired of working your ass off for someone else’s dreams, only to be being laid off at the end of a big, multi-million dollar campaign, forced to fend for yourself, selling yourself to the next highest bidder?  If this is you and you really want more out of life, then I may have found an alternative way for you to make more than the $150,000 to $250,000+ you are used to making each year. Much more!  Again, refer to our income disclosure statement above as your results will vary.  But, with your skills you will be a force to be reckoned with in this new industry.

      But wait there’s more…


      What is Branding?

      Here is An Alternative Form Of Branding

    • Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd


      You can also share videos of what you like(like this video)to brand yourself a bit, just enough for people to know you are a fun person.  An authentic person.  Once they begin to truly know, like and trust you, they will consider buying from you. They do this by clicking on the banners you have on each post.


      If business is not fun, why are you in it? For the money? Me too, but there are a ton of ways for people to make money in the World. How many are happy?


      I love videos and movies and music, so I like sharing entertaining videos.  A percentage of the people that read this post will also be looking for a way to start a business or expand their existing business.


      These are the people that I will enjoy working with as they are most like me.  This is called the “sweet spot” of your target market.


      You want your branding message to relate to and resonate with your sweet spot target market.  I learned this from two of my mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of The Samurai Business Group.


      I have not seen an unhappy leader making money in this business yet.  By being themselves, being authentic, and helping people solve their problems, they grow as individuals.  When they grow as individuals people want to follow them, because they provide solutions to their problems, and their incomes start to rise.


      This is the kind of branding that is fascinating to me.  This is the kind of long-term branding that I want for my agency and my business.



      No Really This Is The Real Conclusion

    • Branding is important, but it is the value you provide others that brands you, not your look, or brain power, or guru status.
    • It’s how much you actually help the person reading your content with their problems.
    • The other kind of branding(of the first video) just accomplishes “awareness branding.”
    • While this is important, in the beginning, it will not convert as well as the David Wood’s kind of branding philosophy that is a long-term, marketing strategy that works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a Week, and spans an entire globe(the 1/3 of the World that has Internet access) That is the kind of branding I will use, as I am not a model, or a genius.   I am just a regular guy, that made a decision to be part of a system, that was able to help him increase his sales online by a large percentage.
    • But, You are intelligent and You can share what we learned with the World of network marketers and affiliate marketers that are not getting the results they want, or with other agency marketers that are “done.”
    • We learn about the problems and solutions in the products in Empower Network.
    • Watch a video or listen to an audios and write about it, or shoot a video about it.
    •  You can do this from your home.  Sound interesting?
    • If you are interested and I am preaching to the choir click here
    • Or, If you are getting the results you want, but you hate doing it the way you are doing it currently.
    • You do not have to work that hard.
    • Learn to work smarter.
    • You only have to travel to our fun events once a quarter to stay in touch with your team.
    • Say goodbye to hotel meetings every night of the Week.
    • Stop missing your children’s best and most important life events.
    • Be able to be home every night of the Week in your own bed.
    • Say goodbye to those annoying 3-way calls that interrupt your life.
    • If you want this freedom for you and your team members click here
    • You can use this system to grow your primary business.
    • Think of this system as a tool to use to help your team duplicate.
      This is what I have decided to devote my life to, helping others and building a culture of people that get paid well to do the same, and that have fun doing it.



Will you have to work? Yes, until you “get it,” the science behind this marketing strategy.   I will be your guide. It will be simple.  It will not be easy.  But, it will definitely be worth it.  It is not like a traditional marketing or advertising agency, but if you stick with it for as long as it takes You, You will be set for life.  Again, see our income disclosure here http://yourlastjobever.com/income/  Your results will vary.


Will you have to buy information? Yes, the more you have, the more you can provide value to the marketplace. You do not have to be a guru, you can just make money like one sharing information.


You do not have to buy anything ever at anytime to make money with our compensation plan, but it will be harder to qualify.  Plus, how can you sell something to someone else if you do not own it.  Yes, I know that is what we know how to do.   But in this form of branding, in my opinion, you should own all the valuable products, so that you can share what you learn in the products as many times as possible.  Each time you do you place a little sales robot out in the Internet space working 365 days a year, 7 days a Week, 24 hours a day.

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  1. Great content you got here! It’s definitely important to start branding yourself is the key to your success in any business endeavors you are involved! Thanks for sharing this post Tom!

  2. Branding is an important element to promoting your business, and you shared some killer tips inside this post Tom. I love the Paul Rudd lip-sync I was peeing myself laughing. Great job today Tom, appreciate your posts pal.

    • Thank You Sheena. Coming from you that is a real compliment. i love your style of branding. It is so authentic. You feel like you are reading a friend talking to you.


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