What is env2|What is Empower Network All About?


What is env2|What is Empower Network All About?


What is Env2 and Empower Network all about? Well one thing is this… This is a quick video I shot using my phone and our system that allows me to upload it to my blog.

Another thing is a great community of real people that have chosen online marketing, from their home as a career.  It allows them time freedom to do what they want, when they want with the people they love.

What do we sell? Education products that teach you how to sell and market the same products.  It is a brilliant business system. 

The money is not bad either with $25/month and $100/month commissions at 70%.commission.   How? You pay a small merchant account and affiliate fee of $19.95/month.  That takes care of company overhead.

Is it for everyone? No, Most people quit on themselves just before they break through. That is not me.  I will never quit on you.  That is right I said you.  You see it is not about me.  This business is all about you having success.  That’s it.

There are also products that teach you more about sales and marketing from 6 and 7 figure earners, that allow you to make a $500 one-time, a $1,000 one-time and a $3,000 one-time commission.  These products are for the serious people that want to establish an online business.

You Keep the first commission for every product and you pass-up the 2,4,and 6th and then every 5th sale after that.to your up-line sponsor.  And there is no limit to how many sales you make.  You may make more than your sponsor.  In fact it as happened many times inside this business model.

We are here for your success.  Click the yellow button above and watch the video to learn more.

It is $25 to start this adventure

See you on the inside

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