What Is Frustrating You In Your New Business Online?

What Is Frustrating You In Your New Business Online

In this post we will talk about what may be frustrating you in your New Business Online.  I d0n’t know about you, but the list is very long about what frustrated me in my online business.  I’ll cover some of them in this post.


When I first got started online I had no clue what I was doing.  I got hooked into a great guru type person, a kid in college making $100,000 by posting articles online.  I figured I could do that.  No problem, he made videos showing me exactly how he did it. How hard could it be?

But what was I going to sell in my New Business Online?

So that lead me to Clickbank and the myriad of products you can sell online.  But which ones and there are so many?  And, how do I know which products to sell that will make me the most money…little did I know that the answer was most all of them had measly commissions compared to 100% commissions I’ll tell you about at the end of this article.  Plus, I had to learn a whole new language of Clickbank gravity and EPC, refund rates… and the like?????

Really, I just want to make money online did it have to be so hard?  Oh and then there was the affiliate link and how to put it into a word so it didn’t look so bad…I had no idea what they were talking about!

My First Affiliate Product Sale In My New Business Online

What a great day that was!  I will never forget that check for a whole $125!  Whoohoo!  I could do this.  I was going to be rich!  I just had to duplicate what I learned about article marketing and I’d be visiting the bank everyday!  Or, so I thought.   While it is true, I did learn how to get my posts on the first page of Google with SEO, that now(with what I know from Empower Network ) was pretty basic, but still works to this day.

But, what I did not understand about my new business online was the whole affiliate marketing landscape, and culture and people actually stole my leads and eventually the whole program was shut down.  My articles are still producing leads to a product I can’t sell…..Talk about frustrating!

Then my adventure in my new business online took me to a path into the blogging world.  I couldn’t figure out WordPress, so I used Blogger and put up 84 blogs of different niches.  I was going to be the king of Adsense!  Each blog only had to make me so much and it would all add up to a fortune!  Yeah I made $12.83 to date in that venture, but I did learn how to set up Blogger blogs if that has any value in my new business online.

Next my new business online took me to the commercial real estate world,  got in a little too late, one year later the guru sent me a letter saying he was done with the business, but I could still send him deals, but he was starting a foundation or something.  Back to the drawing board!  I can still do deals today, but deals take lots of money to do or lots of time to learn how to use other people’s money.  so that is a story still being written.  For another time…

Back to my New Business Online and the frustrations I was having.  I ran into a video from a guy that had three ways to make money.  I could buy this product and then another and then another, and I’d have three checks coming in all the time.   ut, of course it helped if I would pay for my leads through his leads buying system, post card mailing system and magazine ads.   I bought some leads, got opt-ins that sat on my list to this day doing nothing.  Where you get your leads matters.  They need to want what you have to sell them.

I also realized real quick that the key to this business and your success was the ability to track what was going out and what was coming in money-wise.  But it got very overwhelming all the different gurus selling this system and tool and that system and tool and they all were the best thing since sliced bread!  I bought about five different systems in the hopes that one of them would work.

And do not get me started about trying to learn HTML and CSS style sheets and how to put photographs and banners at the top of my websites.  Plus, have you ever tried to work with a graphic designer that is unorganized!  What a nightmare!

Do any of these things sound familiar?   I could go on an on about the stories I hear about a new business online.  There are thousands of nightmare scenarios we can go into.  Some of the above I’d had happen to me so I know how frustrating it can be.

If you’d like to avoid some of the frustrations talked about above and get yourself an online business with a proven system that can be duplicable and have you up and running right away blogging to your hearts content, without all the hassles of designers and website builders, or having to learn Worldpress, or Blogger, then click the yellow button below and start earning 100% commissions instead of those frustrating commissions from other affiliate offers.




Please tell me what frustrates You about your online business in the comments below.   Maybe I can help you prevent some of the frustrations I’ve had.

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