Whatever Your Religion I Wish You The Happiest of Holidays and Warmest of Winters

I realize not everyone will appreciate this song, but it deeply effects me everytime I see and listen to it. I was raised Christian, specifically catholic, currently I am very spiritual and believe that there are many religions in the World.  I do not believe that I should tell another human being what to believe. I rarely talk about it. 

I believe in being the best person I can be on this Earth. I believe that you should never deliberately hurt yourself, or another. and the rest is just B$.  I am fond of meditation and music because that is where I am closest to God or the Universe.  The two for me a synonymous 🙂


I believe in helping people become the best version of themselves. I believe in the power of happiness.

Why because I believe there is a way for us as a species not to fight with each other.  There is no reason for War for any reason. That’s it period!

 I believe that respect for each others views and beliefs is the Key to this peace on Earth.

I also believe that if people that believe in themselves will have a better chance of accomplishing this for all of us.  

Everyone has a passion, something they do better than anyone else.  When they find this gift and share it with the World, they will not have time to argue and fight with each other.  If they are not fighting, there will be no need for wars.

No disrespect meant to our troops.  Happy holidays to you as well.

That is why I am in business, to help as many people as possible accomplish this reality, to see this day before I die.

Am I a fool, no.  I realize the odds of this happening are very small, the World is in bad shape right now, but I say to you, what a wonder life I will have trying to accomplish this Outcome.


-Namaste, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hannuka, Happy Eid ul-Fitr, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your Family during this Holiday Season!  😀

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