Whether Your From Park Avenue Or A Park Bench You Will Resonate With This Message


PARL AVENUE or A Park Bench  LOL   That David Sharpe is the master of these headlines!

This is the two founders of Empower Network using the power of the Internet to let you know this is a real, legitimate opportunity for you.  If you have a business, these tools will be a way for you to leverage the power of the Internet.  

I did that with my business, and now I am getting exposure to the kind of clients I want in my marketing agency.  My twitter account has blown up I have over 200 youtube videos and two different channels, I end up on the front page PR#1 and PR#2 for keywords I want, not always but many times, for search-terms with raw, search totals of 2.5 million searches per month.  The thing is…..you can do this and a whole lot more for your business.

1) You are up and running right out of the box

2) easy to learn how to use

3) you can do it on the go with your mobile phone

4) Your company becomes the authority in your area of expertise by blogging about it and getting people to see how good you are.  What is that worth to your business?

5) Plus, you get have the opportunity to make extra money by being an affiliate if you want to or you can just use the products.

6) And you access to all this extra marketing training that I suggest you use if you are serious about leveraging the power of the Internet.  They have made it so easy

So here is the breakdown.  How long have you been struggling in business? How much longer do you intend to stay stuck.  How much longer are you going to struggle to find customers?  How much longer are you going to take to be successful, and sink your toes into the warm hot sands of the beaches of the World?

For $25/month you get the viral blogging system

For $100/ month you get the Inner Circle audios that are full of marketing strategies and methods to explode your business, if you do them properly. No guarantees in business.  But, this will give you the advantage over your competition who will still be struggling to find clients, that will be searching you out.  They add new golden nuggets each month so you are always on the cutting edge of sales and marketing skillsets and technology.

Then, if you want to take your results to the next levels we have The Costa Rica Intensive for $500 one time fee, This course teaches you how to leverage your time and the power of the Internet.

The $15K/month Formula, is like a marketing cookbook filled with easy-to-follow traffic generating videos.  Watch them over the shoulder of experts to see how it is done!  These people are no slouches either, they are making a minimum of $30,000/month and most make more all the way up to $1 million per month earners.  That product is $1,000 one time fee.  It is easily worth 10X that conservatively speaking.

Then we take you to the next level of the business owner that wants to really expand their business with the Masters course.  That is the $3500 one time fee product.

You need to get these products then you will have the education that will allow you to compete in the Internet successfully.  Many MBA’s do not know what is in these courses.  Get ready, many customers of these products are charging hefty consulting fees once they’ve learned and applied what is in these courses.

And if you are not in a business yet, this business is for you too.  If you have the drive and desire to own your own business you can be an affiliate in Empower Network for $19.95/month.  You get all the products so that you learn how to sell and market the products.  It is a brilliant way for a beginner to start with a business right out of the box.

So here is what I need you to do next:

1) Click this link  watch the video,and do what it says at the end

2) Hit the buy now button, fill in the form with your information and credit card

3) Start using the products and I’ll see you on the inside.


Your Results Will Vary.  You May Make No Money.  

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Reblogged From Episode 7 – Masterminds, Nipple Grabbing & The Association Effect

I just thought that title was hilarious, isn’t it?

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had Dave Sharpe and several other important Empower Network people visiting my house for a week long mastermind.

Together, we’ve thought up some badass ideas that we’re excited to share with you at the Miami event.

Ideas that I couldn’t have thought up alone. 

Today I talk about synergy, the power of putting your mind together with other people to drastically multiply your powers and abilities

…because 2 people’s minds put together never output 2 people’s thinking abilities; they MULTIPLY.

Watch the video, and pay close attention; because as you pay close attention you may realize something that you’ve never realized before now.

Something that’s going to cause a shift inside.

Also – Dave Sharpe talking about the power of association, and some uncomfortable nipple grabbing (see video).

“Realize and focus on what you’re good at, because those are the things that are going to make you successful” – Dave Sharpe.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below, and answer the question from today’s video.

– David Wood

P.S. Because you’re on this page reading this blog post, it means that you’re the kind of person who likes to mastermind and associate with powerful people. Which means you need to get to the Miami event – tickets in the members area. I’ll see you there!

P.P.S. Re-blog this, share it with your list and ‘get commissions‘ when people decide to join us after watching it (+ come back tomorrow for the next video).

– The EN Team

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