Why Small Businesses Should Blog


Why Small Businesses Should Blog

When starting a business online it is important to blog daily. Why? Because the reason you got involved in owning a business in the first place, is probably because you are an expert in one or two areas of business.  You probably do those things better than anyone else, Right?

Great!  Now you need to tell the World about it.  To do that write small 300-500 word blog posts, each day, building up your assets on the Internet, talking about what your best customers problems are.

 In doing this, you will show your customers that you understand how to solve their problems, that keep them up at night.   You are the solution to their problems, that they are using the Internet to find the answers.  It’s you, and that is what your article will say after you try to solve it for them with good articles that are well researched with some sources linked to, so they can go to them from your post, without pointing to you.

Small Business Blogging 

Don’t shove your solution down the readers throats.  They will get it in due time.  They have to get to know, like and trust you first.  Without that they will never buy from you.

We teach you in our products how to do just that, how to help your best customer prospects find you, and just buy what you have to sell.

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