World Conflict Resolution: Is a World Without War Possible In My Lifetime?

World Conflict Resolution: Is a World Without War Possible In My Lifetime?

First I’d like to thank Youtube and JayLawrenceFCP for this awesome video that has Inspired me, and given my vision a musical voice

When 9/11 hit I spent bout 30 days frozen on my couch, contemplating the state of the human race.  All I could come up with, when I deconstructed it was, there is no logical reason for war.  None.

This led me to the mission of my company, and now later since joining Empower Network our team’s Mission.  With your permission I share it with you below.

If each person lived with passion doing what they love to doing, and they could find a way to provide value to others, with that thing, that they are passionate about, we could all live on this planet without fighting, by communicating with each other, and living on a planet without wars.

One Day, One Day, I believe we can achieve this as a species.

World Conflict Resolution as It Exists Today

The premise behind this article is that conflict resolution is required because of different ideas between the parties in conflict.  It is my contention that people will not be in conflict with each if they truly learn how to be the best version of themselves and truly learn how to respect each other. This will only come when each individual is truly self-actualized, in other words happy with their life.

It is simple, but not easy. People of the World need to learn how to use their extremely powerful mind to just Be Happy. It is a learned skillset. addresses conflict resolution this way:

(See the link for the Chinese symbols for danger and Opportunity the symbol for crisis)

These two characters represent crisis in written Chinese. They can be written side by side or vertically as long as they are together. The first character is danger and its partner is opportunity. This interpretation of crisis encourages us to view conflict as a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block. You may want to share this idea with your students, noting that whether a conflict turns destructive or leads to a positive outcome depends largely on how it is handled.”

Communication is the main theme throughout both of these sources on conflict resolution.

This is my life mission to help people of the World discover communication between each other and between their conscious and subconscious minds.  That is where the true power lies inside you on the border between the two minds.

Start with the Sylvan Mind Method to begin to explore this area in your life.

and I invite you to join me.  Discover how we can use the leveraged power of the Internet to spread this message. and we will have a great time while delivering it too!

We travel every 90 days to a different destination.  Yes, we take a vacation every 90 days.  People that are successful in life read about 60 books each year and travel to about 6 different conventions and conferences.  We have a blast at these conferences too. They are always in fun cities around the World.

It keeps you fresh and focused on our mission to see 10,000 people become truly free on our team Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperirty Team during my lifetime or better.

If every man,and woman, on this planet felt passionate about what they love doing every single day, no matter what it is, as long as it doesn’t hurt themselves or anyone else deliberately, there would be no reason for wars. None  People would be too busy being engaged in their life and happy.

Let’s start this experiment with 10,000 people.

This song above is my vision for the World.  Listen to how excited the audience gets about this topic.

It is my outcome(because goals can be missed) to see 10,000 people gain this kind of true freedom before I retire.

 I am 52 now and I have seen, Vietnam, Seen TV shows growing up, about the WWI, WWII, the Korean War, gone through the Iraq war, both of them, and then, 9/11, and the Afghanistan War.  

With the atrocities in Syria with Chemical weapons, Enough is enough! There is no logical reason for War. We can stop this ridiculous human condition.  

Communication, passion for what you like doing, and love are the only answers that I can come up with to give humans an alternative way of living. We can teach you communication.

You want to know why I am in Business?  To see this through or die carrying it out, To start something that generations after me will see through, a World Without War.

I am dedicating my life to that outcome.

I am using my business as an alternative for people from all walks of life, from all over the World, to truly become free from conflict, just by being the best version of themselves.

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