You Were put on This Earth For A Much Bigger Life Than You Are Living RightNow

This message is not for everyone.  This is for you if you can relate to this headline.  You Were Put On This Earth For A Much Bigger Purpose Than What You Are Living Right Now.  Go Live your Life to its fullest potential.


Stretch yourself, get around people that are not going to let you just skirt by in life.  Get around people that are going to demand that you be the best version of yourself. We will help you get there but only if you ask.


Ask us in Miami.   We are there to help you succeed in your business whatever it is.  We are there to help you live to your fullest potential, whatever that is, only you know what that is.

We believe in the power deep inside you that you have always known was there.  That something in the recesses of your mind that let you know That You Were Meant For Greatness!  It is time for you right now.


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Reblogged From Episode 6 – Dave & Dave’s Costa Rican Rant

After arriving in Costa Rica for a week-long mastermind, Dave & I decided to get on camera together for the daily video show.

Today’s episode is about living your purpose and really, just connecting with people.

As people who are building businesses from home, it’s important that we connect with people who empower us.

…because sometimes, when you’re building a home business, you can feel like you’re doing it alone.

So I want to challenge you to connect with other people.

People with your best intentions in mind, people who challenge you to build something better and push you forward in the direction of your dreams.

The kind of people who are inside Empower Network, the kind of people who attend the events.

Watch the video, let me know what you think in the comments below and come back tomorrow for episode 7.

See you tomorrow,

– Dave Sharpe

P.S. Re-blog this post, share it with your list and ‘get commissions’ when people decide to join us after watching it. See you tomorrow.


– The EN Team

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