Your Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

Being In Business For Yourself is an Adventure!

And a Lesson In Humility and Being Humble

When last we left me I was just starting my business.  I did some tours for Mr. Wizard’s Show again this time in The Midwest with an awful appearance in New Orleans.  Loved the French Quarter, but the audience hated me! LOL They said I spoke too fast.  Just goes to show you, always be humble you never know when you will meet your next difficult customer or audience.

I had just come from the Midwest and they loved me in almost every city and school I performed at, Oh, correction there was Homebrgg, Ohio( city (sp) changed to protect my embarrassment) LOL

You see, normally I would blow stuff up, and the children would get all excited and then I would explain the science behind the demonstration.  Not this time.  This time I was in an advanced class where they had done almost every science experiment and seen every science demonstration there is at the HS level.

This was a JR. High School show at best and these students ate me alive and almost threw me off stage.  Lesson learned:

You will not always be the main act, learn to be gracious when this happens, and get out of there as quickly as possible after apologizing to the teacher! Know you will not always be the smartest.  It is through struggle that we learn to overcome obstacles and become stronger because we struggled.

Back to Chicago when that tour was over but the pay was my first $5,000 month back in 1993.  It was mine, well only $2500 Uncle Sam took the rest.  Now came the slow-down in the economy, I had less-client hours,  so I tried single family home real estate until I realized it had to be I win and they lose equity.

 I tried learning how commodities worked until my trades went south as the Euro skyrocketed north, Then I negotiated a deal with a corporate attraction and Entertainment business, named Record-A-Hit.  

I was there from 1995-2000.  I worked my ass off in the hot sun setting up corporate picnic Ballons, obstacle courses, giant slides, moonwalks, being a Karaoke DJ, and moving Pool Tables, in that job, until re-negotiations, and there was no advancement in income, so It was time to find a new client.

The Chicago Stunt Team, Whiskey River and Liquid, gigs as a stuntman and dance instructor(swing and two-step) I was in a movie, well ended up on the cutting room floor, but shot many scenes as a precision stunt driver in Downtown Chicago for a John Travolta Movie.  

I was an extra with Sean Young, let Forrest Whitaker use the bathroom ahead of everyone else, and kept an eye on other celebrities like Ice Cube and his Passe, as they would tour to our concert hall /bar from time to time or visit the bar I bounced at, at night during the years I ws growing my business. I did whatever it took to stay in business.

That was a blast!  I did a voice over for the french company, Plank 2000 tree trimmer and was paid $300.  

I became a basket case during the 9/11 time period(month) lost 5 gigs that week of the attack.  I bounced at night to make extra money while building my business during the day.  I was even a model for an ultrasound convention.  I did whatever it took while I learned how to run my business.

I was a photographer for Santa and the Easter Bunny, did well at telemarketing and Tele fundraising, had many near misses with fortunes in wholesaling retail goods( That was a $5 million dollar deal lost to Chinese corruption giving the buyer cold feet) and to other countries.  I started negotiating garbage hauling contracts as a broker, and helping people in non-profits raise money for movies and other non-profit endeavors, worked with charities on boards, and learned how to sell exhibit booths and started to learn and get clients for, selling sponsorships for the National Pro Fastpitch League team The Chicago bandits starring Jenny Finch Gold Medal Olympian.

I got my business back up to $4,000/montth, found out that I could network and connect leaders to each other.  I had a natural talent for putting the right people together.

 I  found a mentor in complex sales through networking, that I still work with today from time to time( The Samurai Business Group) and started to recruit top notch talent into my now Marketing Agency.  I even managed the exhibit booths for and sold sponsorships for The  Rotary International Centennial Celebration.  That was an amazing experience.

I had Silver and Gold Effie winners sign contracts with me.  I would do the business development and they would do the work.  I started working with people(as agents of my company between 30- 50 at any one time) that normally did multi-million dollar deals in motorsports, on Madison Avenue in New York, and In Chicago’s finest agencies.  

Everything was looking up and then I got that one call I will never forget.  “Tom,” one of my top agents said over the phone, “Things in marketing are changing and I am getting out while the getting is good.

Then the 2008 Crash happened and I was frozen all over again. I got a part-time job as a cardiothoracic transplant unit secretary because it would allow me to work on the computer at work every Weekend.  

A trained monkey could have done that job.  Lesson:  If the job is too easy, it will be phased out when great expenses like Obama Care came out and it was.  Don’t ask me about unions.  That is all I have to say about that.

I had been through the ups and downs of two recessions before, but I never saw anything like what was happening to my Industry during The Great Recession.  

Because my networking, I  had gotten to a certain level.   I had CMO’s of two Fortune-level companies come looking for Work.  Of course, as unemployment went way above 6%( the level marketing spending starts to thaw in Fortune companies from past experience in booth and sponsor sales) companies do not want to hear from a marketing agency or sponsorship property.  

“Now what the hell was I going to do?”  Crap, behind in everything financially as this went on and on, faced with homelessness yet again

(another story for another time)

First, I vowed that I would learn about the world stock and commodity markets.  I would never be that dumb again.  

Then I needed to start making money.  I tried commercial real estate classes, and failed miserably at every deal that came my way.  One guy even yelled at me! I could not believe it he was so angry.  Then  my mentor made a ton of money and started a non-profit foundation.  I can still bring him deals if they are of the right type.  Nothing under 7 million dollars in equity, please.  Ask me for my website(blog with deal terms I am interested in)  

Then one day, I picked the computer back up, and found Mack a brilliant marketer, and I bought not the hype from the first video, but the classy, professional, appearance and results of the second video, from his home.  I bought the blog and the Inner Circle Audios memberships from Empower Networks product line, $125 plus $19.95 per month expense, I could afford. I would test this thing out.

Then, I was invited to the event in Chicago,  and I believe Dave Wood hypnotized me(stopped watching TV for a year) and Toby Black and Layla had me crying at my success level so far, I was not proud of it or myself, living with my girlfriend at he time, plus, I saw the real results from real people for the first time.  They made that kind of money from the Internet! I was going to be Rich!  I could not afford ALL IN yet, but I would find a way.

The Universe answered in a way that was sad.  My Mom’s health started to deteriorate quicker than I ever thought it would.  I spent the month of December in the Hospital with her.  I would call people when she was in procedures or asleep in the hall outside her rooms( she was moved around a lot from floor to ICU to surgery and back) during breaks that had called me,  wanting to know more about my business.  

She died in February after going on and on from rehab and back into the hospital and finally to home hospice.  That was the worst experience of my life to date.

Later in May after the funeral, I learned of the Inheritance I received and I got ALL IN. That is how it happened and I have never looked back. I traveled to every event, bought a ticket for, or live-streamed to every one of the major events and many of the regional ones since I started.  They are that important.  Our next one is in Las Vegas January 23rd-25th, 2014

You see, I have found the perfect business for me.  It has taught me many strategies that have given me more exposure for my marketing agency and given me a way to make residual income while I am doing it. That is why I have gone to so many events. 

This time I have promised myself that I will stick with Empower Network network marketing, to the day I die, hopefully, we will figure out a way to extend that as long as possible LOL  More about that in a later post.

Along my adventures,  I discovered that I came for the money and stayed for the people I met, the community of stellar marketers and sales professionals, and just great, all-around people!

Literally I found a group of geniuses, many of them.  They have developed a system that normal men and women can use successfully if they follow just three simple steps.   

Notice I said simple. Not easy.  You will have to follow directions.  You will have to work until you succeed.

 They are simple and easy once you learn how the science behind online marketing works.  How do you do that? You buy all the products and read, listen to and watch every video you purchase the membership to, and then, you do what each one says to do, testing out that method until you find one you like.

Then you spend 10,000 hours becoming an expert at that one or two tactics you like using to build an email list and sell them valuable Empower Network products

The value you provide the marketplace is not in you, it is in the products to start out.  

You will become more valuable to the marketplace the more you grow as a leader by following the 8 core commitments daily like a religion.

They are a promise to yourself.  Keep that promise and you will see your communication abilities soar!  You will find them in the fast start training videos.

.  Inside this set of educational, booklets, audios and videos you will find more value than what you pay for.  If you do not, see this value, please do not join my team.

If you do find the value, click the yellow button and put in your best email in the box so my assistant can contact you.  Then, click the button to see the video of Dave our founder telling you how this business works in a collaborative fashion.  It will be your business and you will be responsible for it and it’s expenses and revenue just like any other business.  

This is not a lottery or get rich quick scheme. You will have to work at learning new skills and during this process 80% of what you learn will fail.  But 20% may not and then you tweak what you like and scale it up to monetize.  You can earn a nice living online from your home.

Remember, you can not go on my Hero’s Journey. But, you can start your own.  The products you buy and the community you meet at events will be there for guidance and resources when you learn how to ask for them properly. You will know when you are doing it right when leaders start to contact you out of the blue.

That is when you begin your transformation.  But, remember to believe in yourself and believe in the reason why you are in business in the first place.  I am here to help 10,000 people figure this out and believe in themselves as they gain true financial freedom and become the best version of themselves, by March 27,2027 or sooner or I will die in the process of doing it.

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