Your Hero’s Journey

Your Hero’s Journey(part 1)

My Hero’s Journey Will Be Different From Yours

If we look at my life you will see a series of part-time jobs and of course my education.  I worked full-time in Education for about 5 years. The rest has been a wild adventure!  I never give up.  The only thing stopping me on my hero’s journey will be my death.  But my heirs will hopefully, see how great my life became as an entrepreneur and follow in my footsteps.

Let’s start back at the very beginning of my working/school years at 14. here is a list or summary of my life titles:. 

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Eagle Scout, busboy, pizza cook, retail sales(sporting goods) mental health patient( OCD un-diagnosed), shift supervisor industrial heart treat, college student, mental patient( OCD diagnosed and brought to socially acceptable norms, you are never cured from OCD but you can learn to manage the symptoms, so that most people never know you have it, I did and I do every day, the good news is it gives me an advantage in life that most dream of…read on to find out what it is) Pre-Med student, short-order cook(I was fired) Graduate with B.S.( Boy that was never a truer statement it is BS that society tries to tell you LOL) lab supervisor cancer research, science education performer(Mr. Wizard’s Assistant from Nickelodeon TV, really the company I worked for bought the rights to Don Herbert, the real Mr Wizard”s show and I did it on a tour) then education coordinator children and adults Cranbrook Institute of Science, Public Education Coordinator The John G. Shedd Aquarium. cook on a research vessel in the Exuma Islands, Eco-tourism( business owner part-time) Education Manager The Museum of Science and Industry.

OK, before I bore you to death, now I am 33 in this Hero’s Journey and I have just learned that the world is not fair, as I got caught in a political web that went all the way up to the NSF and my direct supervisor and the VP.  I found a huge dent in their armour, and they did not like it, plus they did not like the way I presented it to them that they had to do what they said they were going to do, instead of covering up the mess they made over time so no one knew,  and that working for someone else is always and I mean always a road to nowhere for me.  It may be for you.  if not keep reading.  If you like working for someone else stop reading now and enjoy your time off as you have to get back to work for someone else’s dreams soon.  Enjoy your time off.

If you are still here, great!  So where were we, oh yeah, we were talking about the time in my life I had no idea where I was going and what I was supposed to do, I was depressed and on unemployment for a month.  I hated it.  I told them I would not need them anymore as I was starting my own business.

The first thing I did, was go to an IRS meeting where they told me to think of not paying my fair share of taxes was like flying by a huge shotgun in a flock of ducks, “Most of you will fly by, but the one that we hit will die a terrible death.” OK, welcome to my new boss the IRS! LOL  OK, well for the most part, I was independent and able to run my business like I wanted.

Oh, did I tell you that at this point I had no idea what I was going to do for my business? yep, no clue at all.  That is How I started my business.  You are in such a better position now that you found this business page.  Click the yellow button on the top or near the bottom right of this page and put in your best email so that I or my assistant can tell you about the perfect business for me.  I knew it the day I found it.  

Congratulations! You do not need to struggle nearly as bad as I did, for almost 23 years in business,  before I finally figured out what I was going to be when I grew up!  Want to hear the rest of the story?  Click the yellow button and begin your hero’s journey Today!

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