Your Value To The World

Your Value To The World

When doing business, any business be yourself.  That way you will attract others like you.  For example I am a 52 year old man, that has had success upto what I would call ” the middle level.”  Some people would call me an executive, others would not.  Be yourself.

 I can produce great results with clients and have done so more than once…be yourself

but I have also experienced great pain in my life.  BUt I will not dwell on this here..

I have a very diverse background because I have done whatever it takes to be successful and have studied and purchased over $40,000 and guaranteed in a contract to my mentors another $21,000  to learn marketing and sales

Because I am willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. You have to want oit more than breathing, more than your ego, more than the nay saywrs and there will be many.  You have to believe in yourself more than oithers do.

I believe deeply in the power of the Universe and know for certain that thoughts do become things, but you can cancel those thoughts as well,

I am in the grinding phase and I even had a senior network marketer ( who answered one of my classified ads) tell me that I am a damn grinder! Then he hung up.   LOL He does not know what he is missing.  

I am testing different techniques both paid and unpaid that I learned in the Empower Network products.  I am ALL IN so that my team has a fighting chance to be successful regardless of where they start out.  

When you join me you want to get ALL IN too, as you have the best chance of success that way becuase you get higher commissions per sale you make at the $25, $100, $500 $1,000 and $3,000 levels

I am here for a lifetime.  I have found my home.  I have found the peace of mind that I have always been looking for.  I will fight to the death for this right to be an Internet Marketer.  I will fught to the death for you if you are serious about want success as much as I do.  We will do it together.

Just be yourself and you will attract other people like you.  Your struggles will pay for your success.  The World needs to hear your story once you are successful.  

Don’t tell it until you start having success.  It will just confuse people.  But once you start succeeding it will inspire others, like I hope this has inspired you to go after and make your success happen.

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“Are there a lot of people like you?”

Above all things, be yourself.


You achieve success when you realize your value and how
impactful you become when you share this value with others.

During Empower Network’s ‘Empower Hour’ call, Elena Fraga
explained how to achieve success by asking the question, “Are
there a lot of people like me?”


In doing so, you unlock the doors to success and there are suddenly no limits to what you can achieve. When other people relate to you and you discover that you possess talents that others don’t have,


it becomes easier to inspire others and share these values,

ultimately becoming a source of motivation.


During the Empower Hour, Elena revealed that she is a breast cancer survivor who continued working with Empower Network while undergoing five surgeries in eight months as well as chemotherapy.


Many keep revelations like this private and only share among close friends and family. Elena also once thought she should keep it private. However, after realizing how strong she became from such a dark moment in her life, she made the decision to reach out and help others who are in the same predicament.


By sharing, she discovered that she not only helped others, but she was also able to help herself during the process.

Work on yourself more than you work on your business,” – Elena Fraga. 

Your mindset serves as an essential tool when embarking on the journey toward success. Without a clear mindset and a sense of who you are, you lack motivation for yourself and for others who look to you for inspiration.

By neglecting self development opportunities, you also neglect the growth of your business and the security of your future.

Success is discovering that you attract others who find your value inspiring, and sharing this value with others to help when needed.

As CEO Jonathan Cronstedt reminds us, success is based on your work ethic and a willingness to learn. Founder David Wood helps others see success without giving up their lives and has mentored 13 verified millionaires in their success.


Everyone defines success differently. What are your views on success and being successful?




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