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Tom Lincoln: Blog Owner

Your Last Job Ever

Think about it…Your Last Job Ever!  No more being a self-employed worker, or having a tyrannical boss, dealing with corporate politics, and the glass ceiling.  Imagine, more time freedom to entertain your hobbies or just relax with friends and family, instead of being crammed into an aluminum tube in the sky each Week, sleeping in strange beds. There is no place as comfortable as your bed at home, isn’t that true?  What if you can earn the same amount of money you earn each month, or better while having fun in your favorite hobby or pastime because you have built an online business that is valuable and helps many people with their business and life problems?  If this is of interest to you read on…


Why Bring My Business Online?

The biggest reason for me is after 23 years in business:

  • I do not have to do three-way calls unless I want to, they are painful, right?!
  • No overpaying consultants, that are really hard to work with(been there done that not naming names.)
  • Instead, you learn new marketing tactics and strategies that use the leveraged power of the Internet to attract the right kind of customers

The kind that already knows what you sell, wants it, and can easily afford to buy it from you. You measure your results(that will be different from mine) through testing different versions of tactics and strategies that you can learn how to master.  Next, find the tactic or strategy that works the best for you. The right customers, already know what you do because they’ve engaged with you, and they want to buy your products/services. This allows prospective customers to pull out their credit card and buy from you, or they contact you online, in a collaborative chat. The best part, no being on the phone with anyone unless you want to!  I hated being on the phone with anyone but the people I love. What could be better than that for a business owner?!


This Is A People Business

The business model I use is helping people get better results in their business.  You see business owners already know “it takes money to earn money in any business.”  They know about the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to start-up any business. 

What About You

  • You have the drive to succeed in your life and in everything you do
  • and you also prefer to do it yourself.
  • You want the most efficient sales methods for your business. 

You want to stay current in the marketplace.  This is where we come in.

25 Years In The Making

My name is Tom Lincoln, a business owner for 25 years. I had no clue what I was doing when I started my business 25 years ago.  So do not feel bad if you do not either.  I just knew that working for others was not for me, and I learned how to work hard and smart.  I have no problem working hard.  There is a difference, I like to work smart and hard, to use my time on this Earth in the most efficient way.  Through the years, I have learned from some of the best, professional marketers and advertisers in the World. Professionals from the Streets of Madison Ave, in NY and the agency avenues of Chicago. 

Underground Resource For Your Business

These people like to stay in the background. This way, they can do the work and spend time with family and friends, at home or abroad, doing what they want, when they want, not being trapped at the agency office until all hours of the night/morning, missing important life events with their loved ones.  At Linc1618(the parent agency of this blog) we specialize in marketing, advertising, and sales consulting for companies and people. Over the years we have also developed a vast, global network of professionals we work with. Think of us as a deep, underground, “swat team” of experts, and professionals, all capable of bringing your clients, multi-million dollar results for their product lines, making them and you look good in the process, to the people above, and to your Boards, and most importantly to your stakeholders.  

Working In The Digital Space

The description above is my first company, and it still is today. But, in the Crash of 2008, and the following years after, we expanded our digital footprint.  This is my last “job” ever.  It can be yours as well if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.    Working online in your business is really not a job for people who love it.  It’s one of my passions in life!  But, many people(about 98%) relate to a JOB better than they would a business when they are first getting started in business.  It actually is the first thing we do to help them.  We help them understand the marketplace they find themselves in now that they own a business, or we help the people responsible for the results of a certain brand(s). 

A Paradigm Shift Must Happen For You To Be Successful

You must shift from an employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur and/or executive/business line owner doing your marketing and advertising the way that gets you and your brand(s) the best sales results.  Hence, the name of this blog, Your Last “Job” Ever. We wrote this page for new people to the online world that may or may not have industry experience, and for seasoned entrepreneurs that want to add a bigger, digital, footprint to their business.  Most of your customers will be new entrepreneurs, but you may run into people who have teams of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, that have done it the old-fashioned way, “Belly to Belly.”  Nothing wrong with old-fashioned.  Heck, I am getting up there in years myself! At 56, I am ready to let the “leveraged power” of the Internet do most of my top-of-the-funnel loading.

Our Vision For You

The pages of this blog will help you figure out what you want, and what your version of financial and personal freedom looks like, for your life and career. They will also tell you a lot about me and what I like and do not like in business and in life.  Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if you have questions about our content, products, and services, or if you need help getting clear about what you truly want as a goal, or we like to call them outcomes in your adventure in life and business.  You see, outcomes are achieved by starting where you are(like you are now) and taking the necessary steps to you need and want to get to where you are going.  In other words, outcomes have steps you follow to meet them; goals you can shoot for and miss. So we set outcomes at Linc1618.

What Do You Really Want From Your Business?

You are here for your business needs, yes, or no? Or maybe, you want to start your first business? That’s O.K. too; we were all new online when we started.  Some people have more skills than others, but you can learn what they know if you have a strong enough reason to do so, to get over the sorting phase in your business strategy, or if you have a strong enough WHY you want to be in business. Focus on that when the times get hard when you are just about to break through to a new level of success in business and in life.

What’s Next In Your Business Life?

Perhaps, you are looking for your next business, as you have already been successful at one or more businesses. Now, you are looking for the type of business that will free up your time with family and friends, but still produce the kind of income/profit you’re accustomed to in your previous business.

Older Is Not For The Weak!!!

Maybe now, that you are getting older with all that, that entails(your health issues and those of your friends and family) you could use some extra time with the people closest to you.  You can use this business model to help free up your personal time, allowing you to take care of them if you want, or hire a professional to do it if that suits your lifestyle choices better. Either way, you know and trust your loved ones will be taken care of properly, with dignity and respect.   

First Help Yourself

But remember, you can not help others until you’ve helped yourself gain the new skill sets that will free up your time while keeping your “paycheck” the same that you are accustomed to, or watching it get bigger, over time.   These skills will take as long as they take for you to learn and master them.  To master any subject takes at least 10,000 hours, and there are no guarantees.  But, I can tell you with certainty, many have mastered them before you, and you can too if you truly want to!

We’re Here to Help

What do you really want out of your business?  We’ll ask this of you a lot.  This process will help you get crystal clear.  If you have a general idea of what you want you’ll never get there.  What do you want your lifestyle to really look like if we take “the hype” out of the equation?   Ask yourself, ” What can I do to get the life I want?”  Then, listen to your inner voice,  the one that shows you images of things you want in your mind when you use your imagination.

Broken Wanters

If you need help getting clear, don’t worry, having a “broken wanter” is fine. I learned that from one of my mentors, Judith Wright, a Ph.D., in Chicago, who specializes in helping people by guiding them on the right path to their highest potential in business and in life. I’ll see if I can help you figure out what you want in a Facebook chat or a live, digital chat.  If not, I will gladly introduce you to her and her husband, Robert Wright Ph.D.  They are both awesome people! I’ve had many amazing mentors in my lifetime, some of them have died, leaving their lessons with me to share with others.  I’m sure we can find you the right resources for your particular situation.  But, you have to want “it” bad enough.  What does personal and financial freedom look like to you? Spend a night figuring this out.  Write down your answers so you have them for your Facebook chat with me.


Digging In: The Best Life  & Business You Can Have

Think about it…Your Last Job Ever!  No more being a self-employed worker, or having a tyrannical boss, dealing with corporate politics, and the glass ceiling.  Imagine, more time freedom to entertain your hobbies or just relax with friends and family, instead of being crammed into an aluminum tube in the sky each Week, sleeping in strange beds.  There is no better feeling than being at home in your own bed, right?!  To me, there is no greater thought in the World!  I’ll say it again because it feels so good experiencing it…More Time Freedom!  Less travel unless it’s fun travel!  But, what does freedom look like for you?

Your Family Life and Occupation

  • What kind of Family life would you have?
  • Would You feel proud to own an online, business as an occupation

Could you talk to people at a party or gathering, making small talk about what you do for a living(people always ask don’t they?)and not feel embarrassed? Do you already understand that leveraging yourself online in a business is the best way to earn extra money, and eventually it can lead you to replacement income; especially, if it’s using affiliate marketing, direct sales or network marketing.  I know I can.  That one thought, based on plenty of evidence in this multi-billion dollar industry; it makes me smile like that picture of me above.  In it, we(my love and I) were at “The Dunes” in Indiana and we were very happy together. It was a perfect day.  What does your perfect day look like to You?


What Would You Do For Fun If You Could?

Think about Recreation in your life, what would it look like?  How much Money do you want to earn, each month, to pay for your best life ever?  Would you like it paid for by your online business?  Put “job” in quotes if you like because this is not a job.  It is a business, and you need to treat it like a business.  What does 5Xs the income to monthly expenses look like in your life? Can you see it in your mind’s eye? Good, that is where you start.


You May End Up Hiring People

When done properly, an online business can sometimes feel like magic!  Work you do once continually sells to your customers, working 24/7, 365 days a year.  It never asks for a day off, just that you keep your website live, by paying on time, for your hosting accounts, and any other products or services you will use to create your online business, and it’s underlying systems. 

You Know There Are No Guarantees in Business

As you know, there are no guarantees in any business.  Your results will vary and be your own.  With that said, you might end up giving other people jobs, in the course of your business, growing it, freeing up more of your time to be with family and friends.  Imagine, doing what you want when you want. Take the time to imagine your time freedom! Then, go create it as others have.


Eventually, You Can Outsource

Eventually, when you learn the skills we teach, and if you practice them in the right marketplace, you’ll get good at them, and want to outsource certain tasks in your business. Now, you can have more time to spend with your family and friends doing the things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do to earn your living and lifestyle.

Self Employed: Are You Limited By What Your Can Produce On Your Own?

That is sometimes the biggest problem. In a traditional business, you are limited by your income producing actions.  You are limited by what you can physically do. When you are self-employed, you are only one person.  Here, online, this does not always feel that way. In an online business, you can look like you are “everywhere!”  In fact, that is your goal/outcome.  When you reach that level of skill, sales can come in multiples because people, “See you everywhere!” You can be sleeping and money can come in overnight once you master your niche and learn the skills required to get you the results you seek in your business.




You May Find Me Online As Linc1618

Tom Lincoln In The Garden

I am an entrepreneur that owns the marketing agency Linc1618.  You may find me by Googling “Linc1618” as well. Linc1618 is the name of our marketing agency and the perfect business for me. I knew it the second I found it.  Do you know how that feels?  It just feels right in your gut.  Follow that instinct.  Using and implementing the tactics and strategies we teach in our live events and masterminds, and learning from the products and services we sell, customers can take part in life-changing experiences.  Which can include, but are not limited to:

  • personal development
  • learning how to sell your products or services online and offline
  • building teams that stick around for a lifetime and tell others about you
  • Eventually, gaining mass influence in whatever marketplace your business is in.


How did we get the name of our Agency? Truthfully, it was one of the hardest tasks in my business life.  We accomplished this through “blood, sweat, and tears!”  In the end, I listened to “The Universe.”  I believe, your gut instincts(think Universe or subconscious mind) will never lead you wrong, so I went with them, after researching about 800 different names for our company.   I ended up using a nickname from High School pronounced “Link” but spelled like my name Linc

I Got Serious About The Digital Economy

Spelled Linc(short for Lincoln)and since I knew this was the perfect business for me, the minute I started my adventure in online commerce(back in August of 2012) I added in the 1.618, but I took out the point because computers read them and can get confused and stuck by the (.) in a name, or at least it seemed so at-the-time I picked it  That is how we came up with Linc1618. I think it will look good on our corporate headquarters roof.  What do you think?

Linc1618 corporate logoWhy Black and White

The reason I chose a black and white logo is your logo needs to look as good in black and white as it does in a 5 or 6 color version. Think of large global brands.  They use the same strategy.  Examples: Apple, Nike, and UPS to name a few.  Here are some more examples so you see what I mean.


The Golden Ratio

golden ratio explained with numbers and nature

Why The 1.618

Ever see an illustration similar to the one above?  You see 1.618 is perfect-proportionality in nature, also known as the “golden ratio” or you see it in a “Fibonacci” sequence of numbers.  Fibonacci’s are used in trading on the global financial markets.  Roughly speaking, think one-half of the total number is its “Fibonacci Retracement” number.  This is the number the commodity or stock will eventually go to.  Thing is, you do not know when.  This is why 99% of all people who “play the markets” end up losing their money, historically speaking. 

Why I Chose 1618 For Our Logo

These mathematical ideas have also governed the life decisions of people in a society(without them knowing it) based on how they feel emotionally when they see something they Like or Do Not Like, for many centuries.  Used in advertising, and marketing, to find the right image that will “speak to” their target market’s mind, these tactics, strategies, and ideas are also how you are attracted to good-looking people, by their proportionally spaced facial features. 1.618 is a very important number in advertising and marketing. 

perfect proportionality in a face

Subconscious Decision You Make

As I said, this number has a lot to do with how we think as human beings, about the things we like, and the things we are not attracted to as well. At least for those of us that make sub-conscious decisions when we like what we see, pull out our credit card and buy what we need, want, and can truly afford to buy on the spot, impulsively.  This is called impulse buying and it is a very lucrative, professional, field and subject.  We use our discretionary budget, the kind we can lose at a craps table, and still be able to pay our monthly bills when we impulse buy in this industry.  We do not use our living expense money. I hope you understand that fact.  Good! now we can move on to the good stuff! Keep reading if you are intrigued.

You May Have A Much Harder Time Without A Discretionary Budget

If you do not have a budget like that,  then you will have a much harder time breaking through in this industry.   Marketing and advertising are all about getting the sale in the end.  This is the time you get paid when you learn how.  It does not happen right away, but it can, depending on how and what you do, and in which market you do them in.  That is why marketing, advertising and sales consulting industries exist in our society, and why these are a multiple, billion-dollar +++ industry.  If you’re still reading, Welcome!

A Little Bit About Me

I try not to talk about myself in business, because business is about helping people who want help, and can afford it, not about talking about yourself.  You can only do that to the extent that the people you are selling to, know like and trust you can help them solve their problem(s).  But, because people want to know who they are thinking about buying from, I will tell you a bit about myself.  But, only on this page, that is the intention of this page.

My Psychographics

 Psychographics…The best way to think about this word, and not be afraid of it, is:

What is the behavior of the person you are looking at now? It entails the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of that person or group of people, as part of their psychographic profile.  Yes, I am a bit of a marketing and advertising geek. I have been very fortunate to have learned from the best mentors.    But, I like science and nature too! Travel, good food, good adventures, and being with the people I love.  These psychographic traits are at the top of my list.  Most importantly, having the time to enjoy with them whatever we want to do.  Here we are celebrating my 56th birthday at The Capital Grille( a nice restaurant if you ever get to go to the one in downtown Chicago…go!!!) in this image below. We enjoy fine dining from time to time.  The wine was flowing on this occasion, and we were having a lot of fun! (Look at my embarrassing, silly grin!)

We Like To Eat Good Food

We Like To Relax At The Barn

Tom Lincoln at the barn

Sometimes, we are at the barn with our horses, Odin, and Brina(Pronounced Breena) when we want to relax and forget about business(even though you never truly do because you’re an entrepreneur)  I like to watch the love of my life,  ride her horses in Dressage events, clinics, and practices throughout the Midwest.  Do I ride?  Yes, kind of, I took a year of riding lessons, and enjoy extreme trail riding(but I need to get “my riding legs” back… it’s been years since I rode)


We Like SCUBA Diving

We also love SCUBA diving on the reefs of the World, when we get the chance. On our bucket list are TRUK Lagoon and other Indo-Pacific diving destinations before coral bleaching destroys the reefs of the world(getting off my soapbox now) Come diving with us! We can SCUBA dive together, as long as the groups are not too big.  I always try to avoid “cattle boat diving” But, I love diving with another couple or small group that love ocean animals as much as we do!

Tom Lincoln Scuba Diving Bonaire

Meeting Ocean Animals And Respecting Environments Cartoon

That cartoon above is from my first( I’ve done two so far)self-published book! It was all about ocean animals in the Caribbean! We used it for a couple of eco-tourism trips we ran to Cozumel and Belize.  We hired a marine biologist to go diving with us, and he taught the group about marine biology and helped the trip participants conduct ocean-based, and laboratory-based exercises with him to learn how wonderful our underwater world really is. That was a lot of fun!

Model Others Work

I got the idea from an Australian Marine Park lab book I ran across in my reading as a public Program Coordinator at The John G. Shedd Aquarium from 1989-1993.  It was adapted or “modeled” writing my version of it.  But this time, the topic was about Caribbean marine animals instead. I used it on marine biology trips we ran to each destination. I’ve always been an entrepreneur, from a very early age, and sold light bulbs door-to-door as a Cub Scout or Boy Scout(can’t remember.) Boy Time flies! So I guess I’ve sold in one form or another my whole, adult life, and I got an early start as a child.


Equestrian Life As A “Groom”

Back to my adult life.  Equestrian life as an adult has taken up the better part of our last 10 years.   Yes, I have mucked-out a lot of stalls.  I rode horses a couple of times as a child( in Scouts again) but nothing serious.  As an adult, I learned to ride.  Mostly I like to watch equestrian events.  But, I still ride on once in a while.  As you know horses tend to “eat money,” and when they get older, if you are nice, you will buy them a retirement pasture to live in.  So that means, you can choose to buy a piece of land and build a:

  • house
  • barn
  • riding arena

…Hold on I need to take a break from writing this

…I’m getting dizzy thinking about all these extra expenses( LOL)


Are You Ready For Retirement?

We’re not yet. Ten more years for us.  When do you want to retire or have your business running mostly on auto-pilot?  You’ll always have to do something to keep an online business going, but how much you do, can be greatly diminished once you get “it”( think your skills) right. Ever hear of the book The 4 Hour Work Week? You get the idea, don’t you? This business is funding our retirement, horse property.   I’ll ride a lot more then.  I like to ride alone or with my love.  There are very few pictures of us actually riding our horses.  I am a very private person about who sees me in lessons… just me and my trainer.


Come Riding With Us

But, I love to ride with others on a trail!  We can ride together when you come out to our industry events if you’d like. We work hard and play harder.  We’ll plan for a nice trail ride, as a group, after the event.  The wonderful thing about this industry is that our events usually happen once a quarter or year, and they are usually are held in nice hotel/resort destinations.  If there is a horseback riding trip nearby, we can plan it together.

Equestrian Rider

Why do I love this business model so much?

I quickly realized this marketing, advertising, and sales model was exactly what I was looking for in my brick and mortar, consulting business. Especially, without all the hassle of taking the time networking with people at various business events, asking for referrals, or going through a bad quality introduction. Every business owner worth his salt has gone to these networking meetings. I was never comfortable with them.  I am a better, one-on-one, conversationalist, or when speaking to large audiences.  Imagine never going to networking events, or constantly getting sold to at them ever again, unless you want to!  You can, when you learn how to master the digital marketplace.

We Like To Have Fun!

The parties this industry throws are fun too!  The destinations they hold their conferences in typically adds to that fun!  Remember, what goes on in them stays in them.  We’ll show you the videos when you come to our masterminds…LOL


The 8 Core Commitments

You will learn about these 8 activities when you reach out to me.  They take some explaining.  But, they are our core values.  They help mold you into the person you want to be.  If you were that already you wouldn’t be reading this far, if you are honest with yourself, you are looking for a solution to your problem, right?  Be sure to do them consistently as you progress in your business. It is through these activities that you grow as an individual and as a profitable business owner.


Two Bits Of Advice “On The House”

I will leave you with two bits of advice for new people.  You offer huge value in exchange for money.

1) Success, that you see on stage, leaves clues.

2) The only people who do not succeed in this business model are the ones that quit

3) Bonus… You are the leader in your industry the second you decide you are.


Bonus Tip

…There are two things you will do in this industry, daily.  Do anything else and you will start to lose money

1) Sort through the many people who say they want true, personal and financial freedom in their life, to find the few that truly do, and are willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes(ethically and legally of course.)

2) Help the few people that you find, that are serious, entrepreneurs, or people who want to be, and help them learn how to sort through the many people they need to attract, that are “tire kickers,” people looking for a lottery wins, or people looking for a get rich quick scheme.  Or, that is trying to sell you their “Bigger, Better Deal.”  You will get a lot of these people throughout your career online.  You do not want the first 3 types of people in your business as customers.  Those type of people as customers will never be happy and make your daily business painful to run. The 4th type you know have already become buyers, so you want to keep those people happy, even if they do not buy from you now.  They may in the future.  About 80% of businesses fail online, so when they are ready for a change, you will be the one that was nice to them and helped them out… always.  See how this works in your favor? Let me know how it helped your business.


Your Last Job Ever

You will not find that here.  Your Last Job Ever is to own and run a profitable, business using the leveraged power of the ever-changing Internet. That is the nature of this business. There is nothing I’d rather do with my life.   My vision for you?  First, replace the time you spend working for someone else by making a decision to work on building a business, while you have fun with your family, and/or hobbies while earning the same or more than you earn working for others.  Second, You and I can both help 100,000 people find their version of personal and financial freedom by March 27, 2027, or better. Imagine the kind of business that will be.  Then, create it.  That’s what I’m doing.  You can too when you’re ready.


    • I Love Business!
    • Marketing and Advertising Are Awesome!
  • Finally, I Get To Earn A Living Teaching People How to master personal development, marketing, advertising and business skill sets that can set them personally and financially free (My one true passion in life)


I am grateful for the chance to help You.  

Also, I appreciate that we can be paid well to help other people find their own version of freedom in their life and business.  I look forward to seeing, and helping you “on the inside.” Perhaps we will meet one day at an industry event.  Reach out to me and tell me you saw our blog.  It is usually easiest to reach me on Facebook. Happy to help with your business if I can, even if you never buy anything from me.  We’ll chat, I’ll ask you some questions, and I’ll answer your’s, and then we’ll see if this truly can be your last job ever.

Our Time and Customer Tested Process

Once you decide to have more in your life, than you have now, in terms of extra money, and/or more time freedom, click on an image on these pages in this blog that you like, or that “speaks to you.”  Read some of the posts.  Hopefully, you will find value in the content in these pages, or it may make you think, or possibly entertain you.  It may make you angry.  Great marketing will elicit a response from you whatever it is.  Some are meant to attract you or pull you in. Some marketing is not.

Repel The Customers You Do Not Want

Other content is purposefully placed in this blog to get rid of people who are complainers or get rich quick searchers or lottery winner wanna-bees.  Some marketing repels the people you do not want in your business by automatically, sorting-out-the-people-you-do-not-want-to-work-with, like a funnel that turns them away.  It all depends on you really.  Hopefully, you’ll find something that inspires you to take action that makes your life better than it is now.  All of those reactions are fine. You may want to watch a video or read the sales page(that follows) when you click on an image that appeals to you on the side banners of each page or post in this blog.

Feel Free To Buy As Much or as Little As You Like

Next, you make your first buy with us, or not.  Please, feel free to read as much content as you like with no obligation to you.  If you buy from the ads in this blog, myself or my assistant will contact you and set up a time to create your “business profile.”  That way, we both know, with as much clarity as possible, where you are starting and where you want to go with your business and what you want for your remaining life. You may just want to opt-in to our mailing list because you are not familiar with us yet.  That’s fine too.

You Need To Have A Desktop Computer Handy

If you are contacted by my assistant, (only if you make a buy with me)you will be asked questions to allow us to get to know each other.  He or she will share your answers with me so we do not waste each other’s time in our last chat.  You want to be at a desktop computer when we do chat online as I will be showing you some sites that can help you and your business.

30 Minutes Of Your Time

The 8-10 questions will take up about 30 minutes of your time.  We know your time is very important so we will keep them brief.  We’ll ask you some questions in a chat on Facebook that will help you figure out what this business is and what it is not, as well.  We complete it on Facebook so you have a record of what you talked about to check later at your convenience.  In the end, you will decide together with us, in a collaborative fashion what you want to do next.  No pressure from us.  Talk to us when you are ready.

You Are Not Alone

These questions were asked to over 1000 people from all walks of life, and tested over the years we have been in business. There are about 8-10 questions you answer in total, as we said above… depending upon your answers.  Each person we interview brings their own story to the table, and we attract experts from time to time.  Obviously, industry experts are asked different questions from that of beginners.  Once your business profile is completed, your next step will be the two of you, deciding together, in a collaborative fashion, whether you want to work with our products and/or services on your business.

~Tom Lincoln

P.S. If you find errors in any of our posts, just know we understand they are there.  This is an example of the power of Imperfect action online.  Now we start editing that kind of action after 4 years of writing, 630 posts and pages, learning from the experience, and sorting out of different tactics and strategies, is better than being perfect in Your Last Job Ever.  You can expect to see a series of breakthroughs and plateaus, as you become a master of your last job ever… the owner of a successful online business. Thank You for being a rock star and reading these 5700+ words on this page.  It is our hope that you learned something new.

P.P.S. Here is a gift for you  Use it.  This is not investment advice. Only use the money you can afford to lose, and still be able to pay your living expenses.   No one at Linc1618 wants you to spend your living expense money. Just a cool app I found! You and I( is it ok if I earn money too? lol 😉 ) can get a free share of stock when you get approved and open an account. While supplies last.

 The second gift is for those that really need to earn money now.  Not the kind of money you can ultimately earn online, but it will get you started if you do enough work here:  That should get you started, but you need a smartphone either Android or iPhone.  They’ll explain it when you sign up.

Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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