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Tom Lincoln See You On The Beaches or Equestrian Facilities Of The World

Your Last Job Ever

My name is Tom Lincoln, owner of this website. I’ve been a business owner for 25 years, specializing in marketing, advertising, and sales consulting.  This is my last “job” ever.  It can be for you as well.  It’s really not a job, but many people(about 98%) relate to a job better than they would a business to start out.  Hence, the name, Your Last Job Ever is written for new people to this industry.  Most of your customers will be new too.

Our Vision For You

Our vision for you is that these pages will help you figure out what you want, and what your version of financial and personal freedom looks like to You. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if you have questions or need help getting clear about what you truly want for your life and that of your family.

Our Time and Customer Tested Process

My assistant will ask you some questions in a chat on facebook that will help you figure out what this business is and what it is not.  These questions have been used with over 1000 people from all walks of life and tested over years.  Then, you’ll decide together, in a collaborative fashion, whether or not, you want to work with our team on your business.

What Do You Really Want From Your Business?

You are here for your business needs, right? Or, maybe you want to start your first business. Perhaps, you are looking for your next business, as you have already been successful at one or more businesses. Now, you are now looking for the type of business that will free up your time to be with family and friends, but still produce the kind of profit you are accustomed to. 

It Takes Time Being Older

Maybe, now that you are getting older, with all that getting older has to offer, both the good and the not-so-good(health issues of yourself and friends and family)you can use this business model to help free up your personal time to take care of yourself and your family and friends that are having trouble in this area of their life.

We’re Here to Help

What do you really want out of your business?  We’ll ask this of you a lot.  This process will help you get crystal clear.  What do you want your lifestyle to really look like, if we take hype out of the equation?   Ask yourself. Get crystal clear about this.

Broken Wanters

If you need help getting clear, don’t worry, that is called having a “broken wanter.” I learned that from one of my mentors, Judy, a PH.D, who specializes in helping people by guiding them on the right path to reach their highest potential in business and in life. I’ll see if I can help you in a Facebook chat.  If not, I will gladly introduce you to her and her husband, if you so desire.  They are both awesome people!


The Best Life  & Business Can Offer

Think about it…Your Last Job Ever!  No more being a self-employed worker, or having a boss, dealing with corporate politics and the glass ceiling.  Imagine, more time freedom!  To me, there is no greater thought.  But, what does this look like for you? For example:

  • What kind of Family life would you have?
  • Would You feel proud to own an online business? 

I know I do.   It makes me smile like that picture of above.  In it, we were at the beach and I was very happy.  (I know I am supposed to use an image with my eyes visible, so you feel less threatened, but I assure you, my eyes are behind those sunglasses)


What Would You Do If You Could?

Think about Recreation in your life, what would it look like?  How much Money do you want to earn each month to pay for your best life ever.  Would you like it to be paid for by your online business?  You can put “job” in quotes if you like, because this is not a job.  It is a business, and you need to treat it like a business.  

You May Hire People

Even though, when done properly, an online business can sometimes feel like magic!  But remember, there are no guarantees in any business.  Your results will vary and be your own.  With that said, you might end up giving other people jobs in the course of your business growing, thereby freeing up more of your time to be with family and friends, doing what you want, when you want. Imagine the freedom!

Eventually You Can Outsource

Eventually, when you learn the skills we teach, and if you practice them, you’ll get good at them, and want to outsource certain tasks in your business. You can have more time to spend with your family and friends doing the things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do to earn your living and lifestyle. That is sometimes the biggest problem in a traditional business, because you are limited by what you can do. This is not always the case in an online business.


You May Find Me Online As Linc1618

I am an entrepreneur that owns the agency Linc1618.  You may find me by Googling “Linc1618” as well. Linc1618 is the name of a marketing agency and the perfect business for me. Using and implementing the tactics and strategies we teach, you learn from the products we sell, people can take part in a life-changing experience as our customers.  

These experiences can include, but are not limited to:

  • personal development
  • learning how to sell their products or services online and offline
  • building teams that stick around for a lifetime
  • Eventually You can gain mass influence in whatever marketplace your business is in.


How did we get the name for our Agency? Truthfully, it was one of the hardest tasks in my business life.  It was accomplished through “blood, sweat and tears!” Eventually, I listened to The Universe.  I believe, your gut instincts will never lead you wrong, so I went with them, after researching about 800 different names for our company.   I ended up using a nickname from High School pronounced “Link.”   It is spelled linc(short for Lincoln) and since I knew this was the perfect business for me, the minute I started my adventure in online commerce(back in August of 2012) I added in the 1.618(but I took out the point because computers read them and can get confused by the . in a name or at least it seemed so at the time.)  That is how we came up with Linc1618(I think it will look good on our corporate headquarters one day.)


The Golden Ratio


golden ratio explained with numbers and nature


Ever see an illustration similar to the one above?  You see 1.618 is perfect-proportionality in nature.  It is also known as the “golden ratio”  It has governed the life decisions of people in society for many centuries.  It is used in advertising and marketing to find the right image that will “speak to” their target market.  

This number has a lot to do with how we think as human beings, about the things we like and and the things we are not attracted to on this planet.  Well, at least for those of us that make sub-conscious decisions when we like what we see, pull out our credit card and buy what we need and want. Marketing and advertising is all about getting the sale in the end.  That is why it exists in our society.


Yes, I am a bit of a geek.  But I like science and nature, travel, good food, good life, and being with the people I love.  Most important, having the time to enjoy with them whatever we want to do.  Here we are celebrating my 56th birthday in this image below.  The wine was flowing and we were having a nice time.


We Relax At The Barn

Usually we are at the barn with our horses Odin and Brina when we want to relax and forget about business(even though you never truly do because your an entrepreneur)  I like to watch the love of my life,  ride her horses in Dressage events, clinics and practice throughout the Midwest.  Do I ride?  I took a year of riding lessons, with a trainer and coach, and enjoy extreme trail riding(but I need to get “my riding legs” back, years later)

SCUBA Diving

We also love SCUBA diving on the reefs of the World, when we get the chance. On our bucket list are TRUK Lagoon and other Indo-Pacific diving destinations.


Tom Lincoln Scuba Diving Bonaire


Equestrian Life As A Groom

Equestrian life has taken up the better part of the last 10 years.  As you know horses eat money and when they are retired from competition.  If you are nice, you will buy them a nice pasture to retire in.  So that means, you need to buy a piece of land and build a:

  • house
  • barn
  • riding arena

…Hold on I need to take a break

…I’m getting dizzy thinking about all these expenses lol.  Am I preaching to the choir?  Do you love that person in your life so much that you really enjoy seeing them smile when they ride?

Are You Ready For Retirement

Ten more years for us.  This business is funding our retirement, horse property.   I’ll ride a lot then.  I like to ride alone or with my love.  There are very few pictures of me actually riding a horse.  I am very private about that, just me and my trainer.

Come Riding With Us

We’ll have to ride together when you come out to our industry events. We work hard and play harder.  We’ll plan for a nice trail ride as a group after the event.  The nice thing about this industry is events usually happen once a quarter or year, and they usually are held in nice destinations.  If there is horseback riding trip near, we’ll plan it.

Come Diving With Us

Or, if you prefer, we can SCUBA dive together, as long as the groups are not too big.  I always try to avoid “cattle boat diving”

Equestrian Rider


Why do I love this business model so much?

I quickly realized this marketing, advertising, and sales model was exactly what I was looking for in my brick and mortar business, without all the hassle of networking with people at various networking events.  Every business owner worth his salt has gone to these networking meetings. I was never comfortable in them.  I am better one one one with people, or speaking to large audiences.  

We Like To Have Fun!

The parties this industry throws are fun too!  The destinations they hold their conferences in typically adds to that fun!  

Why Online?

Mostly, I was elated with the idea of no phone calls(unless You want to welcome a customer) to this wonderful industry.  You will pick up a phone to talk to a paying customer, while doing a free, strategy session with them.  It helps them get started the right way, and cuts down on their learning curve which will be different for each new person:

  • no three-way calls they are painful, right?
  • no overpaying consultants that are really hard to work with(been there done that) not naming names
  • instead, you learn new marketing tactics and strategies that use the leveraged power of the Internet
  • measure their results through testing different versions of them
  • find the one that works the best
  • teach these marketing tactics and strategies that you can learn from the products to other business owners

And help them build their business. What could be cooler than that!!!

The 8 Core Commitments

You will learn about these 8 activities when you reach out to me.  They take some explaining.  Be sure to do them consistently as you progress in your business. It is through these activities that you grow as an individual and as a profitable business.

Two Bits Of Advice

I will leave you with two bits of advice for new people(most of your customers will be new people because if they knew these skills already they would have no need for your products and services) except if they want to earn more money(nothing wrong with providing value in exchange for value) That is why you are in business.  You provide value in exchange for money.

1) Success, that you see on stage, leaves clues.

2) The only people that do not succeed in this business model are the ones that quit

3) Bonus… You are the leader in your industry the second you decide you are.


One More…

…There are two things you will do in this industry, daily.  Do anything else and you will start to lose money


1) Sort through the many people who say they want true, personal and financial freedom in their life, to find the few that truly do, and are willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes.

2) Helping the few that you find, that are serious, entreprenuers, learn how to sort through the many that are tire kickers, people looking for a lottery win, or looking for a get rich quick scheme.

Your Last Job Ever

You will not find that here.  Your Last Job Ever is to own and run a profitable, business using the leveraged power of the ever-changing Internet. That is the nature of this business. There is nothing I’d rather do with my life.   My vision? You will help 100,000 people find their version of personal and financial freedom by March 27, 2027 or better.


  • I Love Business!
  • Marketing and Advertising Are Awesome!
  • Finally I Get To Earn A Living Teaching(My one true passions in life)


This Is A People Business

The model I use is helping people in their business.  You see business owners already know it takes money to earn money.  They know about the blood, sweat and tears it takes to start-up any business.  You are driven to succeed in your life in everything you do, and you also prefer to do it yourself. You want the most efficient sales methods for your business.  This is where you come in.

I am grateful for the chance to help You.  

Also, I appreciate that we you can be paid well to help other people find their version of freedom in their life and business.  I look forward to seeing and helping you “on the inside.” Perhaps we will meet one day at an industry event.  Reach out to me and tell me you saw my blog.  It is usually easiest to reach me on Facebook. Happy to help your business if I can.  We’ll chat, I’ll ask you some questions, and I’ll answer your’s, and then, we’ll see if this truly can be your last job ever.


~Tom Lincoln

P.S. Yes, I know this copy has a couple “stop words” in it.  Many computer languages don’t like them in copy(Don’t worry about this if you are new to the online world) It is a business decision.  You will make many in the life of your business online.  Welcome to …Your Last Job Ever! I hope you’ll enjoy reading its contents.  If you find errors, just know we understand they are there.  Imperfect action online(now we start editing that kind of action after 4 years of writing) is better than being perfect in Your Last Job Ever


Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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