My name is Tom Lincoln

I’ve been a business owner for 22 years.

I am sometimes accused of being too serious, but I love to have fun too!

I am an entrepreneur that owns Linc1618, a marketing agency and the perfect business for me. Through the products that we sell, people participate in a life-changing personal development, learn how to sell their products or services online and offline, build teams that stick around for a lifetime, and gain mass influence in whatever marketplace your business is in.”


How did I get the name?  I used a nickname from High School pronounced “Link.”   It is spelled linc(short for Lincoln) and since I knew this was the perfect business for me, the minute I started my adventure in online commerce, back in August of 2012,  I added in the 1.618 and took out the point.  1.618 is perfect proportionality in nature.  Yes, I am a bit of a geek.  But I like science and nature, travel, good food, good life and being with the people that I love, having the time to enjoy with them doing whatever we want.

No phone calls unless I want to welcome a customer and do a free, strategy session with them

No three-way calls

No overpaying consultants that are really hard to work with.

Just learning, doing and teaching marketing tactics and strategies you can learn from the products, and from using:

The 8 Core Commitments

You will learn about these 8 activities you do consistently as you progress in your business.

I will leave you with two bits of advice for new people:

1) Success, that you see on stage, leaves clues.

2) The only people that do not succeed in this business are the ones that quit.


One other one…

There are two things you will do in this business daily.  Do anything else and you will start to lose money

1) Sort through the many people that say they want freedom in their life to find the few that truly do and are willing to do what it takes for as long as it takes to do so.

2) Helping the few that you find,  learn how to sort through the many.

That is the nature of this business.

There is nothing I’d rather do with my life. I will help 100,000 people find their version of freedom by March 27, 2027 or better.


I Love Business!

I Love Marketing and Advertising!

I Have Always Loved Teaching!


I love helping people in my business.

I am grateful for the chance to help You.  

I am grateful that we can be paid well to help other people find their version of freedom.  I look forward to seeing you on the inside.  Reach out to me and tell me you saw my blog on facebook. Happy to help your business if I can.


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