Join us here.  To be an online, entrepreneur you will have many hours of sitting behind a computer, in the beginning, part of your learning curve.  Make sure that you at least always move your body in exercise, or walking, and stretch each day.  Stay healthy so you can enjoy the “fruits of your labor,” and most importantly the time you have on left this planet.  Make the most of it!  We are only here to earn a better life for ourselves and our family.  Friends can come too, but only if they ask to join us.  You will never have to bug friends and family, or your warm market ever again!!!

Start Here

This is an example of a very easy, simple, beginning marketing funnel.  Click on the link here>>> <<< to see what I mean. Join the free app on your phone and get outside walking daily.  How far?  That is up to you and how much you want to earn, and have the time for and the physical ability to do.  Then, come back to this page and continue reading.

Next Level

If you want to join at the next level then you may want to look at this e-book.  It has some great ways to get more engagement on your Facebook posts, plus the added bonus of a tactic to sell your offer, in a “non-salesy” way.  You can also become an affiliate of this product if you really like the concepts taught in this awesome e-book.

>>Click this Link<<<<  If you want to take a bigger risk.  All business involves risk.  You will need to discover what your risk v.s. reward tolerance is by testing out what you find online.  You’ll find a huge range the longer you are an online entrepreneur.  The only people who fail online are the ones that quit.  This is a business and you need to treat your business like a business.  Not a lottery ticket or roll of the dice.  You earn money(no one makes money) in fact people who want to make more money are not your target audience.  Most will quit when it gets tough, and it will at the beginning of your journey as an online entrepreneur.

Changing Your Life For The Better

If you’d really like to take a leap of faith and change your life for the better, then >>>>join us by clicking here<<<<


For The Serious Business Owner


If you are driven to succeed and you know it takes money to earn money in business, but for some unknown reason you are not as successful as you wish to be, or it is taking too much of your time to earn as much as your current job, working for someone else, or if you want to earn more than you are currently earning, then you may want to >>>>click this link<<<<


Those will get you started.  Once you get your feet wet and see what being an online entrepreneur is all about, then we can chat in a >>>Facebook chat here<<< (by sending me a friend request) We’ll work together to custom design a strategy that can guide you on a path to accomplishing your goals in business and in life.  You’ll see many changes from the tactics that you see on this page.  This is for beginners, as most of your customers will be beginners.  I’ll tell you the truth about your online business.  Can you handle the truth?  If so, welcome, and congratulations on making a decision to be an online entrepreneur!!!


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