1 Reasurring Top Producer Formula Lesson 12 About Holding Live Google Hangouts Once A Week

Holding Google Hangouts Once A Week

This is how leaders create organizations of thousands. You only have to do this once a Week. I did them once a day for 30 days so you can do them once a week easy.
  1. Top Producer Formula Lesson #12 Creating Live Groups

    In this product that yu can only get at Empower Network dave Wood discusses what all the leaders in network marketing know the secret about. Network marketing takes work.

    He talks about his interview of the Great Cedrick Harris. He mentions such greats and their strategies of building large team. Then he brings it back to your reality. He tells you how you can get that first sale, then how you can get two a month, then two a week, then two a day.

    If you can learn how to:

    1) Drive Traffic
    2) Convert that traffic to 2 sales a day

    you can learn how to build massive organizations of first,
    1 person
    then 2
    then 4
    then 8
    then you can get 10 people on a Google Hangout each Week and sell to them.

    Notice I said you can get 10 people on a Hangout each Week and sell to them. We are in the business of selling stuff to people online.

    Now we are lucky that our stuff happens to be great trainings in sales and marketing techniques and strategies that most business owners will kill to get their hands on, and most network marketers will be relieved to learn.

    The key is to get the Top Producer Formula and watch each lesson over and over and implement the strategies outlined in them until you start to see great sales results in your business. It will be a journey a hero’s journey.  You get to be the hero!



    You Get To Be The Hero To The People In Your Life



    In Conclusion:

    1) Learn how to hold a Google Hangout once a Week
    2) Learn How to get people to your Google Hangouts once a Week.

    I started doing them once a day because during a big product launch David Wood told me to do them once a Day, so I did.
    You know what happened when I did?

    1) I got more traffic to my offers
    2) I became a better communicator in bot my speaking on Hangouts
    but also how to use the technology, which I sucked at in the beginning
    3) I gained a confidence that what I was sharing with people was of value.
    4) People in my target market got excited about what I was doing online. They just showed up seemingly out of nowhere
    5) Leaders started to reach out to me just like my Big Sis and Big Bro said they Would when I asked them this question in Miami:

    ” How do I get around more leaders?” I had already learned from going to like 8 events that success leaves clues. Melissa Knecht said, “They will find you when you are ready” “They will find you when you start producing sales”

    Melissa and Kevin Knecht Leaders Will Find You
    Kevin and Melissa Knecht “Big Bro & Big Sis”

    Click Here to Learn More About Top Producer Formula Lesson #12 Creating Live Groups

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  2. Google Hangouts

    In the Top Producer Formula David Wood shares with you that You need to learn how to get prospects and team members to your Google Hangouts once a Week.

    How do you do that? First you must be OK to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes doing Google Hangouts when they first started. You can Google the or find lots of tutorials on how to do them I am sure. I remember I even bought a product that taught me how to do them.

    But, you know how I really learned the ins and outs of doing Google Hangouts. By doing them and making mistakes. Fixing the mistakes by learning from them and getting better at doing Google Hangouts.

    Each time I would try something new I would gain new knowledge about how to do it. You create your success online. You create your community by doing them at least once a Week and once a day during our product launching phases every 90 days.

    Learn how to:

    1) Get your email list to Google Hangouts and get your prospects to Google Hangouts.

    2) How to use Google Hangouts to grow your business.

    In the Top Producer Formula Lesson  #12 David Wood Shares how he built a team of 300000 customers and he is just getting started.

    Click Here to Learn More About Google Hangouts

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Here is where I had my first Google Hangout breakthrough.  This is the Hangout where I became a believer that this was a great marketing strategy.

You can learn how to recruit like the leaders do. We sell products online in Empower Network. You can learn how to market and sell online like we talked about up above the second you decide that you are done with the pain that is your life, recruiting and selling your products or services the old-style brick and mortar or network marketing way.  
Or, have you ever been in that terrible place where you have to ask for a referral?   That also sucks!  Wouldn’t be better if people just showed up at your Google Hangout, liked what they saw and bought from you? You must succeed. Above is just one way of many you will learn about when you join us on or adventure. Look below and learn more. You can be successful if you are willing to do the work and learn how.

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