8 Bets You Will Always Win Plus Internet Marketing Bonuses Inside

 10 Bets You Will Always Win

 We’ll get to these bets in a moment.  Lets look at this video series as a training tool for our team.

First of all, this is a brilliant way to get YouTube Views.  Millions of people find these fascinating.  But who are these people?  Are they good prospects for:

1) Your Network Marketing business?

2) Your Affiliate or Online Marketing business?

3) Your speaking business or their role as an authority figure?

4) Your business helping people with good ideas for a earning money in a business without the ability to monetize it yet?


You will need to look at their Demographic and Psychographic profile, if you can.  If not, then can you estimate who they might be as closely as possible?


Demographic Information is broken down into the following categories:

1) Annual Household Income

2) Age

3) Gender

4) Ethnicity

5) Education Level

6) Religious Affiliation

7) Location


Psychographic Information is broken down into:

1) Personality

2) Values

3) Opinions

4) Attitudes

5) Interests

6) Lifestyles



Demographically from looking at this video, we may tend to associate people that find this video series interesting as coming from a household that has Internet access, so we are probably talking about Middle Income to Higher Annual Household Incomes.

Age is harder to determine.  But they are probably of drinking age or older so in some locations 18, and in some locations 21 plus.

Location probably started near England but with the age of the Internet spread across the World.  But probably not in locations where religions that do not allow drinking, probably would not like these videos.

Now think about the kind of people that would find these videos worth their time to watch them.  The people that like these 10 ways to win a bet right off the bat are interested in winning bets, so it is safe to assume they are OK with gambling as an attitude or interest. These people are OK taking risks.  Being in any business is risky, so they have already passed this test by liking gambling.

These are psychographic traits.  One might also assume that since many of these “tricks” are pub or bar oriented, using different tools or items you could find in a bar, that these people have been in bars.  Since drinking requires money, that will place them in middle income to higher income brackets.

These people tend to value loyalty to other bar patrons, and hard work as they are there to forget their miserable lives and get drunk.  Drinking is a form of numbing oneself from the pain of life. Don’t get me wrong I drink and like drinks I like the taste of, but lets call it what drinking is.  I would also say that ethnicity could vary widely, but education level for people that like these videos may be people that are educated enough say High School and above to be able to afford going to pubs.


Personality, we can assume that people that like to watch these videos like to have fun, and are fascinated by magic and or science.  They also may have an analytical mind as all of these bets/ tricks take several steps you have to follow along with, to be able to accomplish them successfully.  Of course that is an opinion and not based on facts.  People in bars tend to have strong opinions about whether or not they think something is funny.  Lifestyle can vary.  Also these people like to win.


I think their British humor videos, are funny and very interesting, well at least most of them.  Some are better than others.  But, I am reminded of British humor from Monty Python shows, so this line may attract more people that like Monty Python.

“We’re half-way through the challenges and here is a picture of a goat.”

Here is a list of the different bets/tricks you will see in this video.  Whether or not putting this video on here is a good attraction method for network marketers, affiliate or online marketers, people that want to be public speakers or authority figures, or people that have an idea to make money in a business but do not know how to monetize it, is yet to be tested and measured.  Some will, some won’t.  A percentage will be the kind of people that take risks and like business opportunities.  This method of marketing is called a speed blog.


For me I am looking for people to join my business that:

1) like to have fun,
2) have a couple cocktails
3) and enjoy life.

People that are funny and like others are good people for all the businesses mentioned above.  People in bars like people, they sit in the bar and talk to other people for entertainment.  They dance, they play games and bet on sporting events and other things.  They take chances for a bigger return.

Yep, sounds like people in my demographic and psychographic, target market to me.

Here you go the top 10 bets you can always win(see I told you there would be lots of bonuses)
Always do what you say you are going to do in business and life.  This is the definition of Integrity.

Integrity, a good foundation of core values and competency are what make successful risk takers in business.


 10 Bets You Will Always Win

1) Take the currency note
without touching the stack of coins holding it on the bottle.   What you’ll need:

a. Stack 4 of the same coin type

b. a bottle

c. a currency note

How to do it. – Place the second third of a stiff, straightened, currency note on the top of an open bottle of beer. Place a stack of the same coins(nickels work well) on the note directly above the bottle opening.  The bet is that you can take the note without touching the stack of coins holding it on the bottle.  You simply hit the first third of the note that is standing straight out with your finger and the note will slide right out.  You choose how much the bet is for.


2) Transfer alcoholic beverage of your choice .  You bet your friend you can transfer the contents of your favorite bottle of alcohol into a glass by using a straw, but you will not suck on the straw.  What you’ll need:

a. bottle of alcohol of your choice

b.  straw

c. empty glass

How to do it. –  Open a full bottle of your favorite adult beverage, place the straw in it and form a seal with your mouth on top of the bottle, and include the straw in your seal and blow into the bottle.  The pressure you place in the bottle will displace the liquid and your friend will lose the bet as the liquid magically leaves the bottle and ends up into the glass, and you didn’t suck on the straw.


3) Flip the matchbox  Bet you friend that you can flip a matchbox onto the top of a glass  What you’

a. matchbox

b. A Rocks Class

c. Your finger flick

How to do it. – flip the boxes of matches on it’s back and it will always work because of the weight of the match heads


4) Rocking bottle and note  What you’ll need:

a. Table

b. a bottle

c. a currency note

How to do it. – Place a currency note on the table and pull the note out at the same time you pound the table the note comes out and you do not touch the bottle


5) Lifting a glass with a balloon What you’ll need:

a. Matches

b. a small piece of paper

c. a balloon

How to do it. – Light the match and get it burning.  Place the lit match in the glass and then immediately seal the glass with the balloon.  When the match goes out the balloon is pushed into the glass that will lift the glass.


6) Three Straw Lift What you’ll need: Bonus!!!

a. Three straws

How to do it. – Watch the video for an explanation of the bonus.


7) Get a cherry tomato out of a short Champagne flute with out touching the glass or the tomato What you’ll need:

a. Short champagne flute

b. a small cherry tomato

c. a you hand

How to do it. – place the cherry tomato in the short flute and blow into the flute. The cherry tomato pops out and you catch it.


8) Three Triangles to Four What you’ll need: Bonus!!!

a. box of match sticks

b. A table

How to do it. – Watch The Video for the bonus


9) Match Cover and Match Box What you’ll need:

a. match book

b. a separate matchbook cover

c. your hand

How to do it. – place the empty box of matches next to the opened matchbook cover.  The idea is that you must move the box under the opened matchbook cover without touching the empty box of matches.  Place the hand next to the empty box of matches and blow into your hand.  The empty box slides easily under the opened box of matches.


10) Don’t Touch The Cap What you’ll need:

a. A Coin

b. a Table

c. a ball cap

How to do it. – place a coin on the table and a ball cap over the coin.  Tell the person you are betting that you can flip the coin over with out touching the hat.  Then bang hard on the table.  When they pick up the hat to see if it worked, flip the coin over and win the bet.


I’d like to thank YouTube and Quirkology for this entertaining Video.  Off to be with family.  Happy 4th of July Everyone!

If you like to gamble you may want to learn how to gamble on your success with online marketing.  Actually the better you get at it the better the odds get.  You become the house and as you know the house always wins in the end.


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