14 Modern Themes For Kalatu Premium

Empower Network will unveil it’s next masterpiece product on June 11th, 2015 Kalatu Premium.  This secure blogging platform. Never say, “my blog got hacked again or I lost my whole blog.  This platform is secure.

It has 14 customizable themes that business owners can choose from.  The main emphasis of this new product is making blogging easy for a business owner to make money with their blog.

7 minute blogging hacks for traffic and media production as a host of other essential functions for making money online are part of this new system.

Themes include:

 Blogging themes for simple bloggers just getting started.  Along with all 14 themes comes you ability to customize them any way you want with headers and side bars colors, videos, graphics etc.  Plus, extra training in the form of 7-minute blog hacks and scheduled ask the trainer question sessions will allow any new blogger to be blogging like a pro quicker than they ever could before, including how to get traffic to your blog and how to make money with it. Plus, the product development team is adding on all sorts of bonuses and extras with the launch coming June 11th, 2015.  No telling what they have up their sleeves.

There are also creative themes for marketing agencies, avantgard themes and underground themes, themes that feature videos in all formats and themes for people that love to write.

Kalatu Premium is meant for a core set of business types as a tool to enhance their image, brand and make them more money in whatever business or company they are in, just as customers.  There is not need to become and affiliate in this product line of Empower  Network, but you still get the link juice or SEO power of tens of thousands of bloggers on the same domain.  You can use your own customized domain name and no one needs to know how powerful your blog really is until they see your content of the first page of Google over and over again for the keyword of your choice.  It is that easy.

If you’d like to see what the buzz on the Internet is all about check out this video

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