2 Essential Books About Copy Writing For Any Business


More Words That Sell By Richard Bayan


These two book were recommended by a millionaire mentor of mine.

They are a great reference guide as well as a great read for anyone that owns a business and needs to choose words that help people buy from you.
  1. Words That Sell By Richard Bayan

    This paperback book is an easy read and should also be used as a reference book when you are writing:

    1) Ads
    2) Blog Posts
    3) Video Titles
    4) Sales Letters
    5) Any Communication That Sells

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    Words That Sell Book By Richard Bayan

  2. More Words That Sell

    This is the second in a series by Richard Bayan. In this book the theme is picking the right words for the right reasons:

    1) Words that are secret weapons in selling
    2) Word that increase your intelligence
    3) Words for classified ads
    4) Words for employment ads

    and much more…I am still reading this book.

    I will use both books for reference guides while I write for my business.


    More Words That Sell By Richard Bayan

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If you are a business owner and you want to learn more about being a successful business owner, then you are in the right place at the right time. We have a system inside that, when used properly at the right time and in the right market conditions, and when used consistently, can’t help but make you more successful at selling online and offline.

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