2 Fascinating Network Marketing Quotes

What is Network Marketing All About?

  1. The early pioneers of both wellness and network marketing were motivated by the sense that it was possible to create a better life than the conventional routes offered – better personal health and better economic health, respectively. Now the ‘alternatives’ of yesterday have become the economic powerhouses of today and tomorrow.

    Paul Zane Pilzer

    Network marketing has become legitimized by the struggles of the early pioneers in the industry. many court battles have been fought and won by the industry:

    The Key is to keep two regulatory agencies happy by the way you conduct your network marketing business:

    1) FTC
    2) SEC

    You are not promising anything and you are certainly not offering advice on an investment. You sell products in a direct selling approach.

  2. For the music business, social networking is brilliant. Just when you think it’s doom and gloom and you have to spend millions of pounds on marketing and this and that, you have this amazing thing now called fan power. The whole world is linked through a laptop. It’s amazing. And it’s free. I love it. It’s absolutely brilliant

    Simon Cowell
    The Internet today is a brilliant way to sell or help people buy most any product or service.
If you would like to be a top producer in your company or organization and you want to have a new online presence that works, remember I am not promising you a cent. This method of marketing is still a business and you have to treat it as such.

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