2 Inspirational Movie Quotes From The Imitation Game

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I am paraphrasing from the Movie the Imitation Game that I just saw:
The quote goes something like this:

  1. Sometimes it is the people that no one can imagine that do the things no one can expect.

    Alan Turing Father of Computers
    I thought this was a great quote and it is how I feel about anyone that wants to be in business persevering until they become successful.
  2. A computer deserves our respect if it can trick us into thinking it is human.

    Alan Turing
    This is how the character in the movie portrayed Alan Turing.
  3. Learn The Rules of The Game and Then Play They Better Than Anyone Else

    Albert Einstein

    This is the essence of being a business owner and competition! In business there is friendly competition. But, never make the mistake of forgetting it is competition. Competition is the business. You compete against other businesses like you.

    How do you out compete? Be like no one else 🙂  Always under-promise and over deliver.

    Now go get that market share!

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