2 Instructional Tom Lincoln Videos

Who Do You Want As Customers?

Who Do You Want to Buy From You?

If your answer is everyone, you may want to watch this video.

  1. How To Get More Customers Into Your World Ventures(TM) Business


    This was a training video I did for this particular organization. Why becuase our products can help them build their business. But of course there are no guarantees in any business.

    I share this with you becuase this was my first breakthrough video

    and when you have one you will always remember it.
    How do I know? Because someone who normally does not interact with social media comments,

    commented on this video and reached out to me.

    I did not have to do anything but make it, and it is on the Internet for ever,

    or at least as long as the Internet is around. Love that!

    Here is a video I made about something I am very passionate about travel, specifically World Travel.

    I am going to visit China.  To do that I would like to learn Mandarin.

    I can also make it part of my business 🙂


  2. Day One Madarin Chinese Pimsleur Method Live

    This is me taking action toward my two DREAMS:

    1) Visiting the great wall in China

    2) Dong business in China.


    I decided it would be inportant to learn Chinese.

    I have wanted to do this for many many years.

    This busienss is allowing me to actualize my dreams

    by taking action. These are my passions.

    I am passionate about running a successful, global business!

     I like horses, SCUBA diving, great food, world travel and helping people but I am passionate about riunning a successful business 🙂


If you would like to get your own global business started and you are

and you are passionate about being successful in your business, then:

I Will Be Your Guide to Beyond Your Awareness

Watch this presentation from our corporate office and see if you see what I do

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