2 Remarkable Tools That Allow Business Owners To Easily Communicate And Help Prospects Buy Their Products

I just realized how much Kalatu can do for any business owner on a budget.

  1. Kalatu

    1) Kalatu acts as a capture page and put opt-in leads into your autoresponder

    2) It allows people to comment on your work which Google, Yahoo and Bing like to see so you work get read over your competitions

    3) You can add HTML codes for widgets and apps if you like.  I have seen people make their own custom designed pages and capture pages using Kalatu

    4) In late May early June Kalatu Premium comes out and it will be tied to your mobile phone.  The marketing team has some special surprises we saw in Nashville so stay tuned

    5) Kalatu allows you to journal your journey as you learn, do and teach it by writing a blog post about it, shooting a video about it, and then later shooting a video about the post you just did and sharing that.

    6) Kalatu allows you to take massive action and out it all on your blog for others on your team to learn what to do and what not to do.  You are a leader.  Your actions speak louder than your words.  Learn Do Teach using your Kalatu blog.

    7) Kalatu allows you to do a blog post before you do a Google Hangout, that will end up being a video on YouTube and you can share that too.

    8) You can use your Kalatu Blog for a central hub for your team.

    9) Using local keywords( ask me about them in the comments) you can find customers in a specific location using your Kalatu Blog.

    10) You can use your Kalatu blog like a diary or journal of your business as it grows for future generations to read and benefit from.  You may even get a book or movie deal! ( Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but maybe I didn’t)
    There is so much you can do with your Kalatu blog!  The more you use it and the more you get around other busiess bloggers at events we hold quarterly, the more you realize just how powerful this system is for building a traditional or network, or affiliate marketing business.
    Coming in late May early June Kalatu premium, no affiliate branding on it(There you go AL and other network marketers following me, now it is time to get your Kalatu Premium Blog)

    Business owners that need help getting sales( everyone of 96% that are not good at selling, from a study I learned of from my mentors in The Samurai Business Group, who got it from The Chally Group Worldwide a Sales and Management consultancy)

    Empower Network is getting even more exciting!  We are opening up a whole new line of products for traditional consultancy businesses or other small businesses.  I would even go so far as to say form also brand corporations could benefit from the link juice of the Authority site Empower Network has become.
    As of the writing of this post Alexa.com ranks Empower Network

    4,238 in the World ranked by traffic
    3,862 in the USA ranked by traffic
    That is some serious “link Juice” for all my marketing friends that read this.  It is because of al the bloggers on this domain.



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    1. AWeber

      Use the AWeber capture pages and paste the code that is generated when you design that box, thereby eliminating the need for a capture page program as these can get costly.  Kalatu and Kalatu premium will come with capture pages in each blog post if you want them( and why wouldn’t you?)


      Click Here to Learn More About AWeber

      Here is the The standard capture page in theme one, of Kalatu.  The window below is tied to an autoresponder so that if your potential client wants to learn more about your business, be it a product or a service, they can opt-in below,  and then you can send them personalized messages to them that will allow them to get to know you.

       If you want to see how this works put your information in the second box below( that looks like this first box I use it here only as an example) and I’ll send you examples of messages you can send to get you brainstorming how you can use this technology to make more money in your business.  

      That  is why we are in business to make money, right?

       You can customize your messages any way you want.  

      I always keep it simple so that anyone can see that they can do this too and get results.  If you ever do not like the results tweak what you are doing until you get the results you want, namely more sales.

Capture Page Kalatu Blog
We wanted to create a discussion for this post. Tell us below what you think of the idea.
Notice how you could use this blog as your home center, as your address on the Internet, without paying ridiculous design fees, running into all those cost overruns, or never knowing what you are spending until it is too late and you get a bill that could choke a horse.  Been there done that, don’t need to go back!
This is where, if you organize it properly, you could put all your training and case studies or white papers in categories.
No need to go to a special software to have your address on the Internet.
The Empower Network marketing team proved to me this past Weekend in Nashville, that they can do anything Madison Avenue agencies can do.  Tune into this blog for the results.  www.yourlastjobever.com
Watch out Huffington Post we are just getting started.  The Huffington post is imply a blog, just like you can have when you decide to pull out your credit or debit card and get started.
The World is full of potential customers that are looking for your expertise.  Don’t keep it from them.  You have a lot to give or you would not be in business, Right?
Watch what comes out in May or Early June.   The Blogging World will be very grateful..   I know I am.
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