2 Success In Any Business Quotes

I listened to this quote from Tracey Walker for the 16th time and today it finally sunk in

  1. That is what we are doing.

    Tracey Walker
    She was talking about consistent daily action.  Start with the easiest one first.  Blog with Kalatu Premium for your business.  99.9% of Being in Business is about your personal development and your mindset. I wish someone would have told me that 22 years ago when I started my first business.
  2. Read 15 minutes and Blog Daily

    Chris Rocheleau

    Chris Rocheleau and Tracey Walker were having a discussion in the Inner Circle Interviews and they were talking about what they and other leaders in the network marketing Industry do

    1) They are all in in products and mindset
    2) They blog daily
    3) They read daily
    4) They help at least two people join their team daily

    I recommend for this you get yourself a “workout partner”

    5) They market daily
    6) They get on their company call Weekly
    7) They listen to audios like Jim Rohn, Bob Procter, Tony Robbins o0r other great speakers like Bill Britt daily
    8) They always go to there company event, even when half the people that were at the last one are not there now, they still go.

    The people that lead and make money online in network marketing are the ones that go to all the events.

    Leaders in any Industry attend at least 6 events in their Industry each year. Ask any CEO how many events in their industry they attend a year.

Blogging for your business on a daily basis is essential as is learning how to use your blog and market it effectively, so that it seems your company is “everywhere online” When you hear those words, you have started to gain traction in the marketplace. If you would like to start to learn how you can be seen online and offline, get your blog here.

Click this link it is called a hyper-link ( Lesson #1) Get ready for 10,000 hours of many more before you are considered an expert online.

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