2 Thought-provoking Wisdom Quotes For Baby Boomers

We are the Baby Boomer Generation( see most of the others just left this page, they clicked off. LOL Bye young’ns



Now that we have the wisdom keepers left…keep reading
for all the secrets to being in business.

LOL yes, you already know there are no secrets. Now with that said there is applied knowledge. The more action you take to use that knowledge to attract people that all have problems they need you to solve the better.



I chose this first quote because it is about liking yourself. You have to like yourself first, or no one else is going to like you. They may start to come around you the more you start to learn and share with the World.

Walt Disney was a great man and he has given so many people of this Earth joy. What a great legacy!


Walt Disney




  1. The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.

    Walt Disney
    My Vision for you is you are able to create your own vision whatever it is for your business. Me, I am very happy building my business to 10,000 and then retiring. Watch me. I have found my passion!
  2. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    It will be fun to watch the “me too’s” do this business. If that is what you want to do that is fine, be know this. The me too’s do not get on stage and speak inspiration into the people, do they?

    You must find your own path, that is unique to you. Maybe you just want to pay a few bills or maybe you know what it is like to earn a million dollars and you see a huge opportunity for global expansion in this business. All are welcome. This is the Empower Network. We empower you through training and by having you follow the eight core commitments each day, to become the best version of yourselves. All are welcome here. We do not care where you come from or what you believe, or what religion you practice or if you do not practice any. You are Empowered here.

    Off the top of my head here is who has been successful so far:

    1) Homeless man in a van
    2) Hedge fund owner
    3) a couple of drug addicts
    4) People who have gone to prison and paid ther dues to society
    5) People that have owned back taxes and made restitution with the Govenrment
    6) stay at home moms
    7) hippies
    8) surfers
    9) parents and power couples
    10) engineers
    11) People from other countries that did mission trips in Africa
    12) Russian Businessmen and women
    13) Book Store clerks
    14) People that live in a double-wide
    15) Network marketers
    16) affiliate marketers
    17) Wrestling moms
    18) piano teachers
    19) Single women
    20 Bloggers! Welcome
    21) stock brokers
    22) ex-cops
    23) Architects
    24) Executives in Marketing and advertsing
    25) MBA’s in business
    26) dispatch operators in a gravel quarry
    27) Band Musicians
    28) Models
    29) Cross Trainers
    30) Small Business Owners
    31) Personal trainers

    32) Latina Moms

    33) Ex Corporate Salespeople.

    34) Ex Radio Salespeople

    35) Ex Technology professionals

    36) Ex- Door To Door Sales People

    So who would fit on my team. Meaning who would I relate with the most:

    1) small business owners
    2) consultants of any industry
    3) Single and married guys
    4) People in serious relationships with their significant other
    5) People from the healthcare field – in 2008 I took a unit secretary job in a transplant unit while I built my business.
    6) Bloggers -as I love to blog. Not good at it yet. But, I love it!  Sometimes I get a good ranking

    7) People who have failed in every business and job they have ever tried and you are sick and tired of watching everyone else make lots of money in their lifetime, and everyone telling you in a tone of being better than you, “Go get a JOB!”   You are an entrepreneur!  That is you JOB

    You suffer through recessions or you thrive in recessions.  You are an entrepreneur!

    Your income fluctuates as times are good and bad. But, you persevere because you are psychologically unemployable!  You have been through the cycle of up and down income of a sole proprietor and the huge taxes!  
    8) Men who feel like a failure in life because the woman in the family pays the bills and they desperately will change that.
    9) Baby Boomers who have seen great success and great failure in their lives and want to travel in retirement as quickly as possible as they are done with the “Rat Race” SCUBA Divers and Equestrians most welcome!

    10) People that are science and business geeks -meaning you love to learn about everything there is to know about all science and everything about how to make money in the World.

    11) People who have not figured out how to make money, the kind of money they know they have always deserved but could not quite figure out how to get it. 

    12) People that have been in sales on the phone all their lives and hate it!

    13) People that have been self-employed most their lives.


    Have you always known you were meant for more than you are accomplishing in life right now?


    There are many more of us inside Click The Link and Get ALL The Products and get to all the events. That is how we will empower you to be the best version of yourself, then you will have enough money to help the World. Because ultimately that is what you want to do, Right?

    Or, do you just want to feel peace and quite in your life, not worrying about money. Do you just want time to think as you grow older.

    I am 53 and I have finally found my passion in life. The kind of passion that wisdom quotes are made of. You can too when you click here and get in, GET ALL IN, and get to the next event.

    Don’t have enough money? I understand. Save up, sell what you do not need. You may have to get a part-time job so you can afford some training products(audios and videos that teach you how to sell online) Some you will use on a membership basis. Some you will own and can use as much as you want.

    See you on the Inside Wisdom Keepers.

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We are marketers and many of the marketers in Empower Network are younger and many are older too and that will grow with your help.  
Baby Boomers are just now starting to realize that this is for real.  They do not ave a retirement fund set up.  They need money for retirement.  
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Plus, with all the recessions in their lives they have never been able to get past just keeping their head above the water, especially if they have been self-employed most of their lives.
That is OK.
They your people of Empower Network need your wisdom, that you have acquired your whole life.
You have more to offer than you think.
You will be amazed when people just start trying to be around you.
They want to know what you know.
That is OK.
We work together in Empower Network to empower others.
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