350 Videos My Journey Since I Started Empower Network

Yep, this is me. 

I was inspired by Leaders in Empower Network and My New Accountability Partner, John Newton inspired me to play bigger!.  I am going to share all 350 videos I have made with my readers by the next event in Miami in January 24-26th, 2014

Hopefully, you will see something along the way that help you understand what this business can be like for you.  

That is the secret to this business guys and it took me going to Chicago, Denver, Denver TTMA Mastermind in Denver, Las Vegas TTMA Mastermind, Anaheim, CA, Washington, DC and finally here in Orlando, FL at the closing of the Blog Beast Launch event to have the message finally sink into this thick skull of mine…lol

TOM JUST BE YOURSELF……Oh, I should just be myself…LOL  OK, you guys asked for it.  So, for the next 350 videos that I’ve taken since I started this business,  I will show you what this business is like.

I am a real person who is no different from you, in fact hopefully you are much better than I, and you will surpass me in earnings.  I mean that.

My true goal is to build an army of people that want more out of life, that are inspired to build an army of people, that will inspire others.  This World needs better, real,communication skills, and Empower Network teaches you how to become a better communicators guys!  When you become a better communicator, you are of more value to others.

By the way from this point forward I am referring to “guys” as a term of endearment for all potential people on my team, men and women alike.  I guess I could say ladies and gentlemen, but that sounds kind of formal and we are anything but formal.  I don’t know, maybe guys and gals?  Send me your feedback in the comments below how you’d like to be addressed as a group of my readers.  My readership is growing.  

As of this blog my Empower Website is Ranked 373,274 globally and 164,737 in the US, all because of the authority site that is Empower Network.

But the first step in this journey is to show you what this business can be like for you.  Will it be professional video, maybe but most will be raw footage.  So starting tomorrow I will be sharing 4 videos on 4 blogs daily.

There are a total of 350 and I may add some as we progress toward Miami

Tomorrow, during the day, I am going to videotape this beautiful hotel location.  The staff here at the Renaissance SeaWorld are great, very professional, and they make you feel special.  Welcome to the Internet Marketer Lifestyle guys!  This is going to be one wonderful ride.

If you want to be part of this lifestyle along this journey you will just need to get in.

Pull out your credit card and join.  If I can do this business and I now have brought two people in as basic members, anyone can do this business.  Remember, I am a tech-challenged 51-year-old man.  When I was in College, computers ran on Basic.  My first computer scheduling system was designed in English statements.

There was no such thing as email for the general public 🙂  Wow how far we’ve come!


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