Are You Responsible for Profit and Loss in Your Company?

Are You Responsible for Profit and Loss in Your Company?

Are You –

Responsible in your company for Profit and Loss?

If so we understand.  We work with Fortune 1000, COO’s and CFO’s( it’s different in each company as you know) that are in charge of “The Line” side of their corporation.  These are just some of the companies our army of senior, executive, underground, agents have worked with, in different situations, depicted below over our many years in business:

Client's Market Share Developers

We understand you are constantly doing business on the run, from airports around the world, keeping tabs on all of your company infrastructure.   You don’t always trust them to tell you the truth, and they sometimes can get on opposite sides of the fence with each other, and become very siloed.  We see that all the time.

This “not being on the same page” within divisions, is slowing down the innovation process, and your ability to increase market share within the marketplace.

You also have a very small time window, to turn things around, of about 18 months, the average time spent as COO or CFO for a Fortune-level company in the World today.  The clock is ticking, and you’d like to stay where you are, or at least go out on top.

We also know you have to juggle a lot of the things below, as well as attending the occasional tense meeting with a shareholder, the CEO really wants you to meet.  Do you tell the shareholder the truth(that they will not understand and get upset) or tell a white-lie and keep the CEO happy, even though he or she, wants you to be completely candid with them?  This can cause an officer undue stress.

Are You Responsible for Profit and Loss in Your Company?

Your 30,000 foot view of your business unit is made of P&L reports, process, and people decisions. You are steering your ship that has been stuck in the same place for far too long. That is the high-stress world you live in.

We help company and corporate officers that are stuck in 3rd place or worse, in the market share race.  You are usually in this situation for a variety of reasons:

Some of them we hear are:

1. Reports and forecasts can not truly be trusted to tell the whole story, for fear they will lose their jobs.

2. You do not have any idea who your customers really are.  You have not done the right kind of market research.

3. You know who they are.  You’ve done the market research, but you do not have anyone on staff that can figure out what to do with this information to increase sales.  You’ve tried, and you are ready to outsource the solution.

4. You are  worried that The Board is watching your results, and you might lose your acquired lifestyle if things do not change and fast.

5. You know you only have 18 months on average, to turn this situation around and go out on top.

There are many more situations that we encounter and have in our experience, that we will not go into here as they are not appropriate to address without an NDA.  We’ve heard most of the situations you deal with on a regular basis.

We work in the background or in many cases in the underground.  We work with your people throughout your corporation and/or  agency to get them to where you need them to be.  They get all the accolades and awards(we’ve won our awards) we just like to do great work, and help others learn to do the same,  and we like to do it from the comfort of our own homes, so we can be closer to family.

Also, on a personal note, the stress you constantly are under traveling on business trips, has put a real strain on your private, home lifestyle, and your relationships with friends and loved ones.  You worry about losing relationships you’ve worked so hard to keep.  We’ve been there. We understand what you are going through.

These are just some of the things we hear from corporate officers we talk to about their situations.  If you’d like to have a confidential conversation about your situation we’d be happy to listen.  The best way to reach us is through LinkedIn.

Also, I’d like to thank Dan Kreutzer of the Samurai Business Group for some of the content of this post:

Dan Kreutzer is a Founding Partner of Samurai Business Group, a business development consulting and training company specializing in sales and sales management.  The company provides programs in prospect generation, consultative selling, sales process, inside sales, customer service, sales management, sales organization, sales coaching, and identifying and hiring producers.  He is the published author of “Put the WIN Back in Your SALES” and “Buyer Process Management”.  His new book on sales management will be available in 2013.  He can be reached at 312-863-8580 or or visit

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