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This one activity each day for almost two years has totally changed my communication patterns.

By listening to other people who have already succeeded and doing what they say, by modeling it, my communication patterns have gotten better. I am not saying they are perfect and if you need perfect, click off this page.  I am here to help people with my strengths and improve my weaknesses.  How do you do that by doing the thing that you are not good at.  I have been able to talk to new members on the phone with confidence and certainty.

  1. The Inner Circle Audios

    They have changed my life for the better.

    I have had a breakthrough in my heart and mind.

    I never dreamed that by doing a simple task each day, that my life would change as much as it has.

    When people I talk to daily about this business already have had success in network or affiliate marketing, in the past and they try to bulldoze me into submission, so they can take control of the conversation, and gain the upper hand, it does not work for them with me.

    Why? Because I am truly not interested in what I am thinking.  It is all about them. I have learned how to help them get very clear about their business.  It really has nothing to do with me.  

    Where did I learn this?  The Inner Circle Audios and the other products in our product line.  People come here to make money and leave the life they have currently and they stay because they start to grow as people.  

    We are a leadership development company when you get right down to it.  The money is a bonus in my mind.  I help them become crystal clear about what to expect.

    When people become clear about:

    1) How much they want to really make

    2) How many hours each day they will work on this business

    3) Whether or not they needed step by step instructions and if they got them from their sponsor, would they follow them exactly or would they prefer to do it on their own.

    4) Find out from them what they think they will need to spend in total to hit their stated outcome. Not what they can afford but what they think. This way they do not spend too much and do not spend too little. Many people spend too much and resent it. I do not want anyone to look at this business with rose colored glasses.

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  2. This Blog Kalatu

    This new blogging platform makes it so easy to blog. I spent many years struggling until I finally started to listen to other leaders that have learned how to blog and create leads for their business.

    The people behind this blog have knocked it out of the park with this new blogging platform. It is so easy to use. I am very excited that it will help others learn how to blog with it too.

    Imagine being able to reach people all over the world and do business with them must because you have done the work to place blog posts of value in the Internet.

    Imagine being seen as an authority in your field because people found your blog posts on the Internet. Your blog gives you instant authority. It is almost a magic phenomenon.

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If you want to use this new blogging system
to get leads from people all over the World
and have influence over this industry bigger than most of your competition
then I will be your guide. 
Your life just got a lot better because you decided to click this link and join your future. 
Your Future You Thanks You 🙂

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