Basic Conversation In Madarin Chinese For Business

Basic Conversation In Mandarin Chinese For Business

Today I had my first conversation in Madarin Chinese.  Just like anything else, you learn in life, you will not be good at it at first until you how to do it. As you can see I suck at it! LOL

But hey, you learned how to walk by falling down and getting up again.  Same thing here.  As you can hear I am not very good, but I get better as I go.  Same for you.

The same is true in business.  When you first start out you have to learn different skills that you don’t necessarily have.  The people that make it are the ones that want it more than breathing.

Is that you?  Would you like to change your life for the better, and earn a living from the comfort of your own home by blogging or vlogging about things you are learning?  If your answer is yes,  then click the yellow button on this page( or you may have to scroll down as there is one at the top and one at the bottom and one on the side) put your email in and watch the video and see if this is for you.

Join me each lesson as I learn Mandarin C hinese For Business, and you can learn as much as I am in each lesson.  

You may have to watch the video more than once I am going  over each lesson twice once by myself and once live in a Google Hangout.

I will share with you why Google Hangouts, when you join my team.  There is a great reason.

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