Being A Successful Business Owner Hacks

These were highlights of the first couple of chapters I read today of Rubies in The Orchard by Lynda Resnick with Francis Wilkinson.

She knows so many famous people as she spent most of her life in the Hollywood or marketing agency scene. She is a brilliant writer and funny. It is an easy read. Great for a vacation or plane trip.
  1. Every Marketing Campaign

    “Every marketing campaign starts with the same question. What is the intrinsic value of the products or service?”
  2. “Business…Is a Matter of Faith”

    You must believe when all others do not believe in you. You are a business owner. It is not their journey. It is yours.

    You have to want success more than the air you breathe. This is so true. There will be bumps and hurdles in the road, and you will grow on a certain level until you can not grow at that level and it gets stagnant or worse you get stuck. That is usually a sign you are about to have a breakthrough and get to the next level.

    Never stop moving forward every single day, even if it is a small act move forward. This will get you through the tough times. Every success has had to learn how to get through them usually at insurmountable odds, but they do it anyway, they are business owners

  3. The answers are…

    “The answers are not outside the box…They are inside the box”


    stay focused inside the value of your product or service.

    In Good To Great by Jim Collins they put it like this:

    1) What are you the best in the World at?
    2) What is your economic denominator?
    3) What are you passionate about?

    As long as whatever you do fits these three criteria and acouple of my own you are on the right track.

    Here are mine learned from many of my mentors I have had many mentors in my business:

    1) never deliberately hurt yourself
    2) never deliberately hurt someone else
    3) If it is not about love do not it.

  4. “Selling Ice Sculpture To Eskimos”

    You must learn to sell. To give you a clue as to how you do this. You must learn how to help people buy from you. No one likes to be sold. But people love to buy what they want.

If you like the sentiment in these hacks for beginning to have a success in your business, I have lots more and our products have more still. We teach you by being your guide into this world of online marketing.

If you’d like to join us on this adventure I have been in sales and marketing for 22 years. I have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of products and.or services, mostly in the services and non-profit fund-raising arena.

I have found the most amazing group of marketers in this community. All are business owners and many are very good at what they do. It is a great resource for business owners.


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