Blog Beast Hangout 10-8-13 History In The Making

Blog Beast Hangout 10-8-13 History In The Making

BlogBeast Is Being Unleashed on the

To my team:  This is your biggest chance to make a ton of money.  You could create a six figure income in the last quarter of 2013!  This opportunity is that big!

Important Legal Information Regarding This POST ===================================== Obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Success in this business – as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication. Since we want to help you make an informed decision, we’ve gone above and beyond with our income disclosure document. You can see our full income disclosure document: Income Disclosure Also, if you end up buying anything from these emails someone will most likely earn a commission, which you probably know because you understand business. However, we like our READERS to be fully informed when using our products. We appreciate your business and support. ==================================== Out on a Yacht Empower Network


It started with Tony Rush, and David Sharpe, Million Dollar Earners in Empower Network.  David says that last minute promotion seems to work better than telling people about it for 5 days. There is something absolutely abnormal about US.  LOL

We are.   We work a couple hours a day to make a living!  Of course this is once you build your business and get it to the point where you can spend that kind of time on it.  That takes time, dedication, and drive, knowledge and skill guys.  98% of the Wolrd does not have the drive to be a business owner.


What is a Launch of an Internet Product? We are standing on the shoulders of giants: 1) Corey Rudl- was one of the first people to make a million on the Internet. -1999 2) 2001 Internet Marketing Came of Age  – Internet Convention in Texas.  Exciting to be in Internet Marketing -Frank, Andy, Jeff, Yanick,  were there. 3) John Reese had a one Million dollar Day-set a new standard with a launch. Launch-1)Intentional Scarcity point in time you will be allowed to buy it 2) Always do them in stages.  Looking to stimulate curiosity, not satisfy it. 3) Everything focuses on forward momentum..

For us, Video one gets you to watch Video 2.  We are uniquely positioned to experience great results: Dave and Dave have hired movie script writers, and they have produced a feature film broken down into an entertaining, high value, high impact, message that will go through 3 Videos.

Vic used this Model and did hundreds of thousands of dollars his first month. Some are going to piddle and poke with it, and some people are going to knock the cover off the ball.  Take Ownership of this Launch Guys! YOU are launching the Product!  You are the CEO of your Business.  This is our business! You should feel like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson or Oprah Winfrey, because this launch is this big!  You should be very excited!

You are about to launch The Blog Beast!














Get the word out to FB, Do Paid Ads,  You want people to follow the story. People will be talking about this for years to Come!

GET TO AN EVENT PERIOD.  These EVENTS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIVES.  At Events you will get things that you can not get if you are not there. NO Matter What IT TAKES.




I will Not Be IN Dallas, TX October 18th-20th, 2013 But That Should Not Stop You From Going!


Washington D.COrlando





How Do You Want to Build a Launch?  Make phone calls to people that have connections.  Talk to people who are more influential than you.  Talk to your buddies who know more than You.  Talk to internet marketing and MLM marketing experts you know.

Inviting your guests is key.  Spend some money to get people there that have pull!  Example: Lawrence Tam Bought AmTrack tickets to a big player to get a phenomenal player when Empower Network first started.

Find the person who owes you the most in your town.  This is going to be a fun day and a fun ride.

Vic’s Suggestions: For People that have not made a lot of money yet.  How can you make this happen for yourself?  You have to have a belief in the products.  Affiliates will be able to get access to the App on this Friday the 11th. When you go into something go into it 1000% committed.  Start with getting clear for – Why are you in this business?

Do you want to make $500, great.  Or are you locked into the vision of Empower Network in this business, to Empower People, and truly help your team make money. If you are going to make the most money you can,  you need to be All IN, so you can tell your team members to get all in too.

Be completely committed and try to separate yourself from the crowd.  Create an event that tells how you got your subscribers. Those subscribers will start to look at you differently.

When you get sales share that too!

Constantly be a student of the business.  Constantly be putting things into your mind that build you as a business owner i.e, personal development and leadership books and audios.

David Wood talked about how to build teams fast! He has observed first hand how people do this because he owns the company with Dave Sharpe.  Teams of 10, 20, and 50 people sprouted up in a month when they first got started .

Those of you who are just getting starting, here is a story David told:

Eric Worre, when he was down to nothing, financially after making a bad investment, as he was in a place where he had to replace his income and  to build a big team again and fast.  In 6 months, selling $1,000 packages of vitamins that tasted bad, unless you saw the comp plan first, he put 60,000 people into his team in six months.

David saw him do a launch.  First he said to his inner circle, “This is what I’m going to do”…then,he talked about the company like I am going to now:

1) Empower Network Does what they say they are going to do

2) They pay right away so you do not have to wait more than a week to get paid.  They pay every week

3) We are going to build the biggest vision for our team.  What is your team is going to do?

4) He told them what is expected of them if they really want to succeed. EXAMPLE: GET 10 PEOPLE OR 25 PEOPLE INTO YOUR TEAM IN OCTOBER.

5) You have to bring at least 10 people each month, set that for your first goal.

The Motto at Empower Network is get two a day, so that is 14/week X 4 =56/month.  That is the formula for success in this business. Period.  Sell two $25 blogging products/day and help people get strted with a 15 minute welcome conversation.

First time David did this was his big breakthrough when he did a Webinar.  He aligned his ability to sell with an organization that is moving rapidly.  This is your time!

If you want to get into this business NOW so you can capitalize on the Launch and all the bonuses they are giving too, click the link and get all in, get all the products, so you have the biggest chance of making the most money possible with this launch.

To Your Success!


Tom Lincoln

Skype# 219-230-9875

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