Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Blogging Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Today we covered writing great content for your current business or for your future business.

Make sure you can measure your blog traffic with Google Analytics.  Past ethe Google Analytics code into our blog pages.

We gave numerous examples of the kinds of places, you can get ideas for. what you blog about. Also, Read and listen to audios daily

Learn to model successful bloggers. Create content, capture emails and converts those email leads to sales.  Make it possible to share your content
Make your content so great that your readers  will want to share it.  Really help solve the problems of your best customer

Improve on “OK content” you find on the Internet.  Plus, Blog about trending topics
Write to people that are just like you.

You become the answers to their problems by writing well researched, content 
that is written so that a high School student will understand it.

When you link to an article, use to find out how much traffic that site you gets.    You want to link to sites that have about the same traffic as you have, and let them know that you put a link to their content in your blog

Write and blog abundantly. There is no scarcity mindset in blogging

Become the tallest tree in the forest.  Rise above the other bloggers by 
writing and creating great content  

Rise to the tallest level of a blogger
Start at 100/month and then 500/month and eventually 1000/month and then scale it up from there.

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