Blogging Tips For Network and Affiliate Marketers


 Blogging Tips For Network and Affiliate Marketers


Chris Record and George Bailey

If You can get your content on the front page of Google You can do this business! As you can see, the technical training I am getting in their training products, is starting to work and it will work for you too! Earlier, I was learning how to blog I listened to Chris Record interview George Bailey, another marketer. They talked about 101 different advertising ideas.

Chris Record also gave a very memorable talk in Chicago.   The guy is great!   So it is with a little embarrassment that I tell you that my tribute blog post saying how great he was, and listen to him too, actually as of today 6-16-13 @10:51 p.m. CST, was on the front page of Google in the top 4 slots in front of the people that taught this lesson George Bailey and Chris Record…If I can do this by following the blogging system you can too! Watch this as proof and please Google it yourself and see what I mean.

“George Bailey and Chris Record’s 101 Advertising Tips”

Update:  My blog post is only in the top two slots on 8/25/15 @12:30 p.m. CST.  I’ll take it as it is standing the test of time.


This business is all about learning from our products and doing what they say, not when you have been through all of them, but as you are using each one, to get great results like this  blog post .  1,800,000 people search for this term monthly.  Of course this number will change over time.

Once you start blogging everyday, you will get better and faster at it.   My first posts were taking me about 4 hours to do now they take maybe 30 minutes.  Sometimes I will take days planning and researching blog topics with Google Keyword Planner, making sure I have chosen to write about a keyword phrase in the post that people are looking for monthly. Typically it will be a topic that is a solution to a problem that someone(your target market) has.

You can also blog about a movie you saw, or a book you read, or an Inner Circle Audio you listened to, or any other audio you listened to for that matter.   You can blog about anything you want as long as you always use this system that you pay for each month…It is set up to make your blog posts seen by the World, instead of floating around in the Internet where no one sees them.

2015 Empower is now ranked 5,484 Globally,  5,371 USA   this means a lot of traffic to your offers when you blog on Kalatu Premium.  


You are part of that traffic when you blog everyday.  You post videos and a picture on your blog and do what they tell you in the products and training videos. 


That’s it.  Learn, Do Teach( or blog about what you learn daily)


 If you do it right, Your posts will eventually rank on the first page of Google like this one was.  It is that simple,you can do this business.  The system is set up to help you succeed!

The other reason you can do this business is I believe that you are here for a reason, that deep inside you, in your subconscious mind, is a power so strong that is just waiting to come out! Show the World what You are made of!  

Way to Go!  You made the right decision to be here in this business, reading this article.

My goal is to help 100 people become millionaires.  Are You going to be one of them?  The beaches of the World are reserved for those that take massive action.  You’ve already taken the first step…You’re here.  Now, what do you want to do next?

See You on The Beaches of the World!


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